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Sharpton, Gingrich Push Prez on Schools

(Newser) - Newt Gingrich and Al Sharpton ran into each other today at the White House, on purpose, to discuss education reform with President Obama, USA Today reports. Sharpton noted that they were “two who have not agreed on anything politically,” but joined in an effort to remedy a “... More »

How to Fix the Education Divide

Racial gap is 'last great civil-rights battle': Klein and Sharpton

(Newser) - America is facing its “last great civil-rights battle”: the racial education gap, write Joel I Klein and Al Sharpton in a Wall Street Journal. “Today the average 12th-grade black or Hispanic student has the reading, writing, and math skills of an eighth-grade white student,” they note. But... More »

Caroline Ducked $$$ Disclosure in Schools Job

City exempt Kennedy, but isn't exactly sure why

(Newser) - Unlike other New York City employees—including billionaire Mayor Michael Bloomberg—Caroline Kennedy skirted the practice of disclosing her finances when working for the city, the New York Times reports. To reduce conflicts of interest, city regulations require high-level staff to file disclosures, and that would include Kennedy, who ran... More »

What Did Caroline Actually Do for Schools?

Hard to pin down what, exactly, she brought to the Department of Education

(Newser) - Caroline Kennedy’s $1-a-year gig raising funds for the New York City public schools is being touted as evidence that she's qualified for the Senate. But that seems odd, writes Glenn Thrush in Politico, given the amount of vagueness about what, and how much, she actually did there. Says one... More »

Cohen: Gore for Secretary of State

Columnist lists his picks for Obama's cabinet

(Newser) - If Barack Obama wants to make good on his promise of change, he should start by nominating Al Gore for secretary of state, Richard Cohen suggests in the Washington Post. Earth’s “custodian” has worlds of government experience—and “can you imagine a bolder statement about a new... More »

5 Stories