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Hypoallergenic Dog Is Tall Tail: Allergists to Obama

It's the dander, not the hair, that usually causes problems; steps recommended

(Newser) - Barack Obama plans to acquire a hypoallergenic dog because of daughter Malia’s allergies, but doctors have bad news, the AP reports. No canine is “truly ‘hypoallergenic,’” an allergists group says. “It is falsely believed that a dog that sheds less will not cause a... More »

Hey, Obama Girls, Peru's Got Your Puppy

Not cute or furry, but Peruvian Hairless loves kids, is hypoallergenic

(Newser) - Peru may hold the solution to the president-elect’s canine conundrum, the Telegraph reports. The Peruvian Hairless, a dog with ancient Inca origins, is hypoallergenic and family friendly, perfect for Obama’s allergic daughter Malia; a puppy has been offered to the incoming first family. “If we send it... More »

2 Stories