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Massive Dark-Web Bust Takes Down 400 Sites

17 arrested this week

(Newser) - Online shoppers looking for drugs, weapons, or hitmen may have just hit a wall. Authorities from 17 countries, including the US, have shut down a huge chunk of the "dark web" in the past week, making some 17 arrests, the Guardian reports. Authorities seized host servers, more than 400... More »

Genome Research Helps Develop ... Search Engine

DeepDyve may reach 99% of web Google & Co don't

(Newser) - Technology designed to sequence the human genome is now being turned to an equally daunting task: probing the depths of the web. DeepDyve, a search engine developed by Human Genome Project researchers, can base its search on up to 25,000 characters, Wired reports, which researchers say allows it to... More »

2 Stories