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World's Rarest Pasta Is Made by Only 3 Women

You're going to have to travel to taste su filindeu

(Newser) - There's a kind of pasta in the world that is so hard to find and so difficult to make that you're going to have to travel to the tiny hamlet of Nuoro on the Italian island of Sardinia to get a taste. That's because su filindeu, which... More »

Just in Time for the Holidays, Dali's Surreal Cookbook

'Les Diners de Gala' a republishing of famous 1973 Salvador Dali tome

(Newser) - One doesn't usually think of a cookbook as "lavish and erotic," but that's how the Guardian is describing a reissue by Taschen of a famous cookbook first published in 1973. Described by Food and Wine as "more Hieronymus Bosch than Anthony Bourdain," Salvador Dali'... More »

Archaeologists Learn How Cannibals Prepared Flesh

Some bones appear to have been boiled with axiote or chilli

(Newser) - With evidence of cannibalism persisting throughout many eras and across many lands, scientists recently set out to determine precisely how one known group of cannibals prepared human flesh. Reporting in the journal Archaeometry , they say the remains of 18 men, women, and children dating to between 700BC and 500BC, found... More »

Now You Can Make Chipotle Guacamole at Home

Chain reveals its recipe

(Newser) - Chipotle's latest move touting its healthy ingredients : Yesterday morning, it revealed its guacamole recipe online, Consumerist reports. There are no secret ingredients: It's just two ripe Hass avocados (they "should feel squishy yet firm" and "be a nice dark green color on the inside") with... More »

This May Be the Internet's Most Popular Recipe

A lasagna from salesman and father-of-two, John Chandler

(Newser) - What's more popular than pancakes, banana bread, and chocolate chip cookies? With 12 million views in the last five years alone, it appears the answer is John Chandler's lasagna . The dish, with its nearly two pounds of meat and more than two pounds of cheese, is appropriately called... More »

101 Innovative Grill Recipes

Put down that pack of hot dogs and try some of these

(Newser) - This Independence Day, don’t limit yourself to burgers and dogs on the grill. Mark Bittman offers up 101 innovative ideas for your backyard BBQ, from meat and veggies to desserts, in the New York Times :
  • Tomatoes: Grill ripe tomatoes until hot and lightly charred; serve with olive oil, salt,
... More »

Recipe Calls for 'Freshly Ground Black People'

Penguin reprinting 7K cookbooks over 'silly mistake'

(Newser) - Some 7,000 copies of an Australian cookbook are being reprinted after readers discovered a recipe calling for "freshly ground black people." Books already on the shelves will not be recalled. Penguin Group Australia spokesman Bob Sessions said he found the misprint "quite forgivable" because "proofreading... More »

Lea & Perrins Original Recipe Discovered

Find sheds light on Worcestershire's long-secret flavors

(Newser) - What looks to be the original and long-secret recipe for Lea and Perrins legendary Worcestershire Sauce has been found. A woman in England discovered it among her late father's leather-bound notebooks. He worked as an accountant for Lea and Perrins and found the 19th-century document in the trash at the... More »

Best Sites for Foodies

Whether you're looking to buy, cook, or just eat, the Internet has something for you

(Newser) - Aspiring foodies have thousands of resources available to them on the Internet, and Mashable lists 15 of the best sites for buying, cooking, and eating food:
  • For locavores: Foodzie and Foodoro are online marketplaces for small, independent producers. Local Harvest connects users with farms in their area, while the Locavore
... More »

Joy of Cooking a Fatty Read

(Newser) - The venerable Joy of Cooking has kept up with America's expanding waistlines by porking out itself, reports the LA Times. A look at 18 classic recipes from seven editions found calories per serving swelled 63% in all but one recipe between 1936 and 2006. Example: beef stroganoff required 3 tablespoons... More »

Cooks' Books: Can You Try This at Home?

Rarely the same, but effort offers insight

(Newser) - Restaurant cookbooks allow you to tap into a chef's genius, but rarely do they yield perfect re-creations of beloved dishes, notes food writer Lauren Shockey for Slate. Shockey tries her hand at recipes from a couple of Manhattan's renowned restaurants— Shopsin's, Carmine's, and Chantarelle—and goes on-site for a taste... More »

Top Kitchen Gadget ... the Cell Phone?

It won't make coffee or dice, but can download recipes, call Mom

(Newser) - Forget about trying to buy newlyweds the ultimate kitchen appliance: They almost certainly already have two. For both everyday cooks and professional chefs, the cell phone has become the go-to gadget, the New York Times reports. What other tool could combine the functions of timer, measurement converter, recipe generator, shopping-list... More »

At Deep-Sixed Prices, Consider the Lobster

Cost of crustaceans hits 25-year low

(Newser) - Prices are dropping on all sorts of luxury goods—and lobster, now less than $10 a pound, is no exception. It’s the lowest price in 25 years, and might not last as fishermen give up on the trade. Spending $30 for the star of a weeknight dinner at home... More »

Top-Secret KFC Recipe Flies the Coop for a Day

Col. Sanders' heavily guarded paper moves for security upgrade

(Newser) - Usually guarded like Fort Knox, KFC’s 68-year-old recipe is being whisked away from company headquarters today while its vault gets a top-secret security upgrade, the AP reports. The yellowed document —handwritten and signed by Colonel Sanders himself —is stored with vials of the 11 herbs and spices.... More »

Food Makers Tweak Recipes to Cut Costs

Hershey, others quietly substitute cheaper ingredients, fillers

(Newser) - Food manufacturers are adjusting their recipes to cut costs as ingredient prices climb, the Wall Street Journal reports. Hershey is replacing some of its cocoa butter with vegetable oil, while General Mills is dumping pecans for walnuts in one cookie. McCormick, McDonald's, and other companies are making similar moves. But... More »

Tasty Hint of Coke Secret Pops Up in Ad

'Best spices' recipe hasn't change since 1886

(Newser) - A new Coca-Cola ad campaign focuses on the drink's “no preservatives or artificial flavors,” revealing a tantaiizing hint about Coke's closely guarded secret recipe, writes the New York Times. The blend of “the best spices from around the world” hasn't changed since 1886—a fact the company... More »

I Say! Brit Chef 'So Sorry' for Pushing Poison Plant

Putting toxin on salad not so good after all

(Newser) - A British celebrity chef has dished out a heartfelt apology for recommending in a magazine interview that readers use a poisonous plant that's "great on salads." He intended to push the wild herb fat hen, not henbane, which is a "very toxic plant and should never be... More »

What to Do With That Skin? Get Crackin' on Cracklins

Perhaps not so health-conscious, but surely cost-conscious—not to mention yummy

(Newser) - Faced with a heaping pile of chicken skin and fat after using the rest of the bird in some healthy dish? Those squishy, sallow leftovers, Francis Lam writes in Gourmet, present the perfect opportunity to cook up "the noblest form of chicken byproduct": cracklins. With that extra skin and... More »

101 Cool Summer Dishes

Be the star of the 4th of July picnic in 20 minutes or less

(Newser) - With the summer picnic season heating up, Mark "The Minimalist" Bittman of the New York Times checks in with his semiannual list of quick, easy dishes. He calls for fewer tomatoes than you might expect, and many, many lemons. Some high points:
  • "Take cold pizza and lemon. Squeeze
... More »

Cooks Dish Up Recipes for Distress

Culinary types find some foods too daunting to dish

(Newser) - Obscure ingredients, tedious techniques, and absurdly complex prep—cooks say some recipes push them to the boiling point. Any step too impractical, time-consuming, or just plain unpalatable can make even the most accomplished cooks hang up their aprons, writes Kim Severson in the New York Times. Even food critics balk... More »

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