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Researchers See 'Horrific Decline' in Insect Numbers

Scientist warns of 'ecological Armageddon'

(Newser) - If it seems like there are fewer squished bugs on your windshield after long journeys than in years past, you're not imagining things: Researchers say there appears to have been a steep and extremely worrying decline in insect populations in recent decades. In a study published in the journal... More »

Four Ways America Could Completely Fall Apart by 2025

Demise 'could come far more quickly than anyone imagines'

(Newser) - The United States' power is declining, and its total demise as the global superpower could be here by 2025, asserts history professor and author Alfred W. McCoy. On Tom Dispatch , he offers four scenarios detailing how that could happen:
  • Economic decline: Years and years of foreign wars swell the deficit,
... More »

Poll: GOP Support Down Across Demographic Groups

GOP backing has shriveled since 2001 among all but weekly churchgoers

(Newser) - The GOP has failed to gain followers in any demographic group since 2001, and support has shrunk among all groups except frequent churchgoers, according to the latest Gallup figures. The biggest drop in support —down 10%—was among college grads. But the percentage of respondents calling themselves Republicans was... More »

Between Home and Work, Public Life Declines

More than ever, we need surprises of 'third spaces': Rodriguez

(Newser) - In the 1980s sociologists introduced the term "third place," neither home nor work, to encompass the bars, restaurants, and other public spaces that allow us to build relationships. Today, with global economic woes besetting even the iconic French cafe culture, our "public living rooms" are... More »

Fewer Than 20% of US Adults Smoke, a First

Rate drops, though 43M still light up; 443K die yearly as result

(Newser) - Smoking in the US is at its lowest since cigarettes became widespread after World War I, Reuters reports, with fewer than 20% of adults in the country lighting up—the lowest figure on record. Observers credit the gradual decline to awareness, bans on smoking in public places, and prohibitive taxation.... More »

5 Stories