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Decline and Fall of the Jewish Deli

No home country and an Americanized palate spell doom for brisket

(Newser) - The Jewish deli is dying, author David Sax tells New America Media , and there’s not much anyone, Jew or gentile, can do about it. In New York, for instance, there are about two dozen kosher and non-kosher establishments today, down from 1,500 in the 1930s. One of the... More »

Kosher Meat Supply Crippled After Iowa Immigration Raid

Packing plant, now bankrupt, accounted 60% of US market

(Newser) - Kosher meat prices are skyrocketing after the Iowa packing plant that supplied about 60% of the US market declared bankruptcy, USA Today reports, in the wake of a May immigration raid. Agriprocessors, in trouble even before the raid, stopped operating last week. “Stores like mine are struggling all over,... More »

2 Stories