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'Flying' Dino Had 4 Wings, Long Feathers

Turkey-sized raptor may have been expert glider

(Newser) - Take the velociraptors made famous by Jurassic Park, make them a bit smaller, add feathers, then change the limbs to wings and you will have something resembling a newly discovered dinosaur species found in China. Researchers say Changyuraptor yangi, a carnivore that lived around 125 million years ago, has the... More »

Sanctuary Counts Record Number of Bald Eagles

Pennsylvania site tallies 407 this year, shattering old mark

(Newser) - More good news on the bald eagle front: Bird watchers at a major Pennsylvania preserve counted a record number this year—407, beating the previous mark of 245 set only two years ago, reports AP . This year may end up being a statistical anomaly, but it's part of longer-term trend... More »

Sorry, Chicken; Fossil Proves Egg Came First

(Newser) - The contents of a fossilized dinosaur nest may help resolve the age-old chicken-and-egg question, LiveScience reports. That birds evolved from dinosaurs is no secret, but the new discovery shows that the pointy-ended bird egg developed before the bird itself, paleontologists say. The nest is believed to have belonged to one... More »

3 Stories