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Flight Attendants Still Have No Answer on What's Ailing Them

Thousands of AA attendants have had bad reactions since new uniforms arrived

(Newser) - American Airlines flight attendants demanded a full recall of their new uniforms last month, convinced the new attire was making many of them sick—but after a slew of testing, the airline still can't definitively say what the issue is, or if the uniforms are involved at all, Bloomberg... More »

Doctors: iPad to Blame for Boy's Bad Rash

His device was found to contain nickel, which can cause allergic reaction

(Newser) - Nickel frequently causes allergic reactions, and the metal is found in all kinds of gadgets. Case in point: an iPad. An 11-year-old boy suffered a rash so bad he had to stay home from school and was eventually treated at a hospital in San Diego, and it turns out the... More »

Itchy Skin Malady Is Imaginary: Mayo Clinic

Morgellons sufferers think they have parasites, but researchers disagree

(Newser) - This may or may not be good news to those who suffer from a malady known collectively as Morgellons disease . Patients swear they have bugs, or parasites, or something just below the skin that triggers intense itching. Mayo Clinic researchers, however, now say it's mostly in their heads, reports... More »

Cell Phones Also Annoy Your Skin

'Mobile phone dermatitis' could explain mysterious facial rashes

(Newser) - Cell phones won’t melt your brain, but they do cause “mobile phone dermatitis,” Reuters reports. A British dermatological organization is cautioning doctors to consider allergy-causing nickel found on many phones in cases of “a rash on the cheek or ear that cannot otherwise be explained.”... More »

Itchier Poison Ivy Stems from Climate Change

Rising CO2 levels lead to bigger, stronger rash-causing weeds

(Newser) - Poison ivy is getting bigger and more potent, and the culprit is the 21st century's all-purpose scapegoat: climate change. The itchy, rash-inducing plant that has plagued hikers and gardeners since the beginning of time thrives in environments with high levels of CO2, the Journal reports, and with rates on the... More »

5 Stories