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Scientist Reproduces 'Fake' Turin Shroud

Nothing miraculous about his creation, says Italian researcher

(Newser) - The Shroud of Turin is definitely a medieval forgery, according to an Italian scientist who made one himself to prove the point. The chemistry professor made the reproduction of the shroud—believed by many to represent a miraculous image of Christ after crucifixion—using materials and techniques available during the... More »

Nuke Tests Left Mark on Trees, People

Scientists can date humans and trees by the extra carbon in their systems

(Newser) - Scientists can now carbon-date baby boomers by detecting atomic bomb residue in their DNA, NPR reports. Turns out that carbon-14 released during above-ground nuclear tests in the 1950s and '60s hung around, then was absorbed into living tissue, experts say. Evidence, in the form of extra carbon neutrons, has been... More »

2 Stories