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House of Cards Is Done After Next Season

But move may not be related to the Kevin Spacey controversy

(Newser) - After actor Anthony Rapp made his explosive accusation that Kevin Spacey attempted to have a sexual encounter with him when Rapp was just 14, Spacey quickly apologized . But that apology itself has been under withering criticism all day, with the main complaint being that Spacey also used his note to... More »

Glee Grabs GLAAD Award

Sykes accepts honor from prom-banned lesbian

(Newser) - In real life, lesbian teens are banned from high school proms. But in the gay-friendly world of TV's Glee, male partners will be very "popular prom kings." That's the word from creator Ryan Murphy, who provided a sneak peak into the lives of Glee's exuburant singing high schoolers... More »

Wanda Sykes Mocks NBC's Black History Menu—on NBC

Jay Leno a little uncomfortable during the riff

(Newser) - Jay Leno may have thought Wanda Sykes wanted to talk about her injured foot and her 9-month-old twins, but she made it clear last night on his show , "I'm here for that delicious Black History Month menu that NBC is serving in their cafeteria." Leno seemed clueless, and... More »

Wanda Sykes Covers 'Pants on the Ground'

'Boobs Out Ya Blouse' the latest rendition of viral video hit

(Newser) - Courtesy of Wanda Sykes, women everywhere finally have a version of “Pants on the Ground” they can call their own. Salon points to a video of the comedian, as “General Maama Gram,” auditioning for American Idol with her own original song: “Boobs Out Ya Blouse.”... More »

Leno? Conan? Bah! Bring Back Arsenio

(Newser) - Jay Leno failed at 10pm, but one host could make that time slot work: Arsenio Hall. For one thing, prime time needs some color. Minorities have made some inroads on the late-night schedule, from BET’s Mo’Nique Show to Fox’s Wanda Sykes Show, “but let’s be... More »

Wanda Sykes Show: Working Hard, Hardly Working

Clichés drag down late-night debut

(Newser) - Viewers expecting something fresh and new out of The Wanda Sykes Show—as the unlikely combination of Fox and an African-American lesbian might seem to promise—were sorely disappointed, writes Ken Tucker . The comedian and actor "is terrific: at ease and bawdy," he writes for Entertainment Weekly. But... More »

Sykes, Wife Have Twins

(Newser) - Wanda Sykes is the talk of Washington after her gig at the White House correspondents dinner, but it turns out she's also a mom of newborn twins. Sykes' wife, Alex, gave birth to daughter Olivia Lou and son Lucas Claude on April 27. "All are happy and healthy and... More »

Washington Can't Take a Joke

Uproar over Sykes' routine shows we take things too literally

(Newser) - Sure, Wanda Sykes’ controversial jokes at the White House Correspondents’ Association dinner were “over the top,” and they weren’t all that funny, writes Kathleen Parker in the Washington Post. But the uproar they sparked just shows “we take ourselves far too seriously—and literally.” Sykes... More »

White House Rips Sykes' 9/11-Limbaugh Joke

(Newser) - Press Secretary Robert Gibbs today distanced the administration from 9/11-related comments made by comedian Wanda Sykes at the White House Correspondents dinner, Politico reports. Some things “are better left for serious reflection,” Gibbs said. “There's no doubt 9/11 is part of that.” Sykes suggested that “... More »

Meghan McCain 'Bratty' at DC Dinner

Political daughter brings extra guest

(Newser) - Woulda-been first daughter Meghan McCain didn't exactly get the royal treatment she was expecting at Saturday's White House Correspondents dinner. She showed up to the exclusive event with two tickets and a party of three, prompting a security guard to question her. "Doesn't he even know who the fuck ... More »

Sykes Walks Thin Line to Obama Roast

White House correspondents' dinner comics' 'most feared' show

(Newser) - Wanda Sykes is getting ready for what could be the toughest gig of her life: the White House Correspondents’ Association dinner, attended by the president. Not particularly political, Sykes will be roasting a president who’s posed a challenge for her fellow comedians in front of an audience Bill Maher... More »

Sykes Signs On to Challenge SNL

It's her second shot on the network

(Newser) - The last time Wanda Sykes had a show on Fox, Wanda at Large lasted just 19 episodes. But "if Rihanna can go back to Chris Brown, I can go back to Fox," Sykes tells the Los Angeles Times. Beginning this fall, she'll have a Saturday late-night talk show... More »

Sykes to Roast Obama at Press Dinner

(Newser) - Wanda Sykes has been tapped to roast Barack Obama at this year’s White House Correspondents' Dinner on May 9. The lesbian comic will likely skewer the President’s anti-gay-marriage stance, but she has some skeletons of her own, the Los Angeles Times reports. After hearing about the engagement, “... More »

Wanda: 'I'm Gay—and Married'

Star reveals secret at gay marriage rally

(Newser) - Comedian Wanda Sykes has revealed she is gay—and married her girlfriend days before passage of Proposition 8 banned gay marriage in California. The 44-year-old co-star of The New Adventures of Old Christine and Curb Your Enthusiasm spoke emotionally to a cheering crowd at a rally supporting gay marriage in... More »

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