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Obama Needs a New 'Team of Rivals'

White House can't be 'echo chamber for the president’s views': Fred Hiatt

(Newser) - When President Obama first took office, he was wise to install a " team of rivals ," from Hillary Clinton to Bush-era defense secretary Robert Gates, who ensured his views would be challenged. But his second-term staff appears to be more a "team of loyalists," writes Fred Hiatt... More »

Kissinger High on Obama-Clinton Team

Obama's sound choices pose cooperative challenges

(Newser) - Barack Obama wasn’t afraid to take risks in choosing his national security team, and the outcome has left Henry Kissinger optimistic, he writes in the Washington Post. Each member comes to the “team of heavyweights” with well-established views and an “autonomous constituency.” That could mean a... More »

Obama Unveils Security Team Starring Clinton, Gates

Security not a partisan issue, president-elect declares

(Newser) - Barack Obama officially announced his national-security team today, a group including primary rival Hillary Clinton as secretary of state and Bush holdover Robert Gates as defense secretary, the AP reports. “One of the dangers in a White House, is that you get wrapped up in group-think,” Obama said,... More »

Klein: Obama's Team of Rivals 'Strong and Wise'

Obama's rumored picks signal preference for diplomacy over militarism: Klein

(Newser) - If current rumblings are to be believed, Barack Obama’s national security team would be disparate indeed, consisting of Hillary Clinton at State, retired general Jim Jones as National Security Adviser, and Robert Gates sticking around as defense secretary. It’s an “extremely strong and wise,” team, writes... More »

History of Lincoln Inspires Obama's 'Team of Rivals'

Doris Kearns Goodwin's tome provides unexpected insight into next administration

(Newser) - “Team of rivals” is the post-campaign buzzphrase, Graeme Allister writes in the Guardian, replacing the lipsticked pigs and pitbulls. The term refers to Barack Obama’s strategy of filling Cabinet positions with Republicans and political enemies (ie, Hillary Clinton), and comes from a 2005 book by Doris Kearns Goodwin... More »

5 Stories