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Meet Ohio's 'Frankenpines'

Cell towers go under cover, mocked gently

(Newser) - Efforts to turn two looming cell towers in Toledo, Ohio, into faux pine trees to help them blend in with their surroundings are getting mixed reviews from residents, reports the AP . Some residents in Springfield Township have derisively dubbed the towers "frankenpines," the Toledo Blade reports. Adding branches... More »

These Trees Know Where They Are on the Planet

Cook pines mysteriously lean toward the equator

(Newser) - Most trees grow straight, but the Cook pine leans another way. As a new study reveals, the tree leans toward the equator no matter where it grows, giving it what Science Alert calls a "drunken-looking slant." Matthew Ritter of California Polytechnic State University first became curious about the... More »

Climate Change Pushes Aspens to Brink

New weather patterns exacerbate other issues, like the nasty bark beetle

(Newser) - Huge swaths of the Rocky Mountain landscape is being transformed as the region's signature tree, the aspen, goes into rapid decline, reports the Smithsonian. Climate change and surging population of the bark beetle is causing the grim phenomenon known as SAD (sudden aspen decline). The beetle is a mere twelfth-of-an-inch... More »

Ravenous Beetles Decimate West's Pines

Harsh winter sole hope for containing insect that has affected millions of acres—and is moving east

(Newser) - Peanut-sized bark beetles have drilled into and killed millions of acres of green pines from New Mexico to British Columbia, threatening the Rockies’ iconic lodgepoles with extinction, reports the New York Times. With only costly and temporary fixes available, preservationists are hoping for an atypically frigid winter to contain the... More »

4 Stories