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Youngest Recipient of Bioengineered Organ Dies

Hannah Warren had a windpipe implanted in April

(Newser) - Hannah Warren, the youngest person ever to have had a bioengineered organ implanted, died Saturday, the New York Times reports. She was just two years old. Hannah was born without a trachea, and had a bioengineered windpipe implanted in April. Her esophagus was also involved in that surgery, and she... More »

Mom Gets Trachea Grown From Own Stem Cells

Organ grown with patient's stem cells

(Newser) - In a frontier-busting surgery, transplant doctors have given a young woman a trachea developed in a lab using the patient's own stem cells. Stem cells from the patient's trachea and bone marrow were used to create a new rejection-proof organ in the surgery, performed in Spain in June, reports the... More »

2 Stories