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At Sauna Championships, 100% Chance of Perspiration

(Newser) - The English entry at the recent World Sauna Championships in Finland didn’t turn in “Britain’s finest hour,” team member Tom Whipple writes for the Times of London. The premise is simple: whoever lasts longest in a brutally hot sauna wins. The Brits were at a disadvantage—... More »

Flemish Recycling Runs to Chicken Feed

Flanders pioneers pay-as-you-dispose policy, reuse centers

(Newser) - The Belgian region of Flanders is attracting international attention with novel recycling schemes that include reuse centers, pay-per-bag garbage collection, and omnivorous chickens. The Russians, the Chinese and the British have come calling to see how Flanders has managed to hold its total waste generation steady even as its population... More »

No Asbestos in Air After NY Blast

Traces of carcinogen found in dirt and debris; not a health hazard, say officials

(Newser) - No asbestos was found in the air today after a steam pipe explosion that led to one death and injured more than 30 in midtown Manhattan yesterday. The carcinogen has turned up in dirt and debris in and near the area, but officials say damage to long-term health is very... More »

World's Oldest Car to be Auctioned

No speed demon, ancient auto could still fetch millions

(Newser) - The oldest car that can still be driven will be auctioned off in Pebble Beach, CA this August. It could go for as much as $2M, reports CNN. The steam-powered, four-wheeled De Dion-Bouton et Trepardoux—nicknamed "La Marquise"—was built in France in 1884, some 13 years before... More »

4 Stories