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SNL Swipes at Rob Ford, 60 Minutes

Toronto mayor searches for the one media outlet that will believe him

(Newser) - The jokes pretty much wrote themselves for Saturday Night Live this week, thanks in no small part to Toronto's crack mayor, Rob Ford . With Bobby Moynihan appearing as the oft-apologizing Hizzoner in a series of press conferences in which he utterly fails in his mea culpas, Ford eventually turns... More »

With Election Gone, SNL Enters 'Rebuilding' Phase

Three new members join comedy show's cast

(Newser) - The election may be over, but SNL still has 14 episodes to fill. Lorne Michaels says the show will be in one of its periodic "rebuilding" periods, but he has much praise for three new faces. Here's the lowdown, from USA Today:
  • Abby Elliott: The daughter of former cast
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2 Stories