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Inside Your Belly Button: A Ton of Mysterious Bacteria

In 95 samples, 662 new strains found

(Newser) - Breaking science news: Your belly button is kinda gross. A new study, the amusingly named Belly Button Biodiversity project, found more than 1,400 strains of bacteria in 95 navel swab samples, the Washington Post reports. Of those, 662 couldn't be classified to a family—suggesting those microbes are... More »

Why Your Belly Button Has Lint

(Newser) - Just so you know: Navel lint is caused by a unique arrangement of abdominal hairs that are positioned in concentric circles around the belly button and “act like a kind of barbed hooks,” the Telegraph reports. The discovery comes from an Austrian doctor who conducted 3 years of... More »

Where Is This Supermodel's Belly Button?

Victoria's Secret bares a navel-less belly on the runway

(Newser) - Supermodel Karolina Kurkova's recent turn on the catwalk for Victoria's Secret had curious spectators wondering what happened to her belly button. The Czech stunner offered no explanation for her smooth stomach, which has only a minor indentation where her navel should be, and her agent says only that "she's... More »

3 Stories