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Obama Polling Machine Kicks Into Gear

White House relies on public opinion data to push agenda

(Newser) - President Obama is increasingly reliant on polling data as he fine-tunes his budget pitch, relying on Washington outsiders in an operation more involved than his predecessor’s but less comprehensive than President Clinton’s. The process, sources tell Politico, is almost completely focused on pushing policy and not on measuring... More »

Bush White House Empties Out Today

Staffers wistful as all traces of them get wiped away

(Newser) - By the close of business today, the White House will be almost empty of staff, reports Politico. By Monday, there will be no physical trace of the Bush administration left in the building, as if 8 years of history could be unwritten by the crew of cleaners and painters. Says... More »

Rove Political Post Lives On Under Obama

Fills job despite bipartisan calls to close partisan office

(Newser) - Barack Obama will keep the White House political office running, despite bipartisan calls to close it, Politico reports. Karl Rove’s old job will be handed to Patrick Gaspar, a labor operative and national political director for Obama’s campaign. Members of both parties had slammed the office, and John... More »

3 Stories