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'Real Suntan' Drug Could Help Prevent Skin Cancer

The topical cream produces melanin without damaging UV rays

(Newser) - Good news for the fair-skinned among us: Scientists in Massachusetts have developed a drug that darkens and protects human skin without the damaging effects of ultraviolet (UV) light. Dr. David Fisher, a researcher at Massachusetts General Hospital, tells the BBC the drug initiates a series of chemical reactions that enables... More »

The Next Trend? Try a 'Facekini'

Chinese beachwear mask is getting attention in the US

(Newser) - Looking for hot new beachwear before the summer fades away? Then you might—or, let's face it, might not—try a facekini, one of those colorful masks that started drawing attention on Chinese beaches in 2012, Global Post reports. What first looks like a pastel terrorist hood has actually... More »

Mon Dieu! Topless Sunbathing Is Passe in France

Country that made it fashionable goes 'prudish'

(Newser) - The Italians are debating topless sunbathing, so it might come as no surprise that the French seem to be turning conservative. A generation ago, it was oh-so-chic when French women pioneered the movement, but now 88% of the French describe themselves as pudique (prudish.) Says one 23-year-old, "Mostly... More »

Iran to Arrest Tan Women

Police chief: We must crack down on un-Islamic acts

(Newser) - Sun worship appears to be the latest threat to Iranian security as authorities announce that suntanned women will be imprisoned. "The public expects us to act swiftly if we see any social misbehavior," said Tehran police chief Brig Hossien Sajedinia, who noted that women will be warned before... More »

The Spray-Tanned World of Reality TV

No, those perfectly toned abs on Dancing With the Stars aren't all real

(Newser) - Ever wonder how every contestant on Dancing With the Stars looks so toned? It’s not all due to the workouts: Spray tanning experts are on call for DWTS and other reality shows, and they don’t just make contestants look darker—they add enhancements from six-pack abs to toned... More »

Website That 'Tans' Sucks in 1M

(Newser) - A website that claims to "tan" people as they bask in front of their computer screen has drawn a million duped viewers, reports the Daily Telegraph. The fake infomercial site by a British skin cancer charity directs pasty viewers to a free tanning trial on a web page where... More »

Tanning Drug Approved for Trials

Long available online, injection gets nod from regulators

(Newser) - A self-tanning drug long available in various incarnations over the Internet has been approved for human trials in the US, Wired reports. “It's a bioabsorbable implant that you just inject into the skin,” says a pharma rep of afamelanotide. “It stimulates melanin production.” The drug made... More »

Berlusconi Repeats Obama 'Suntan' Joke

Italian prime minister plunges into controversy again

(Newser) - Italian PM Silvio Berlusconi, who raised eyebrows worldwide when he recently referred to  President-elect Obama as "handsome, young and suntanned," has repeated what he apparently thinks is a good joke—this time extending it to include model Naomi Campbell. "We would all like to be tanned like... More »

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