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Record 40% of SAT Takers Now Minorities

(Newser) - Minority participation in the SAT is up to 40% in 2009, the highest level ever, the Washington Post reports. That's up 2 points since last year and a whopping 10 points since 1999. “More than ever, the SAT reflects the diversity of students in our nation's classrooms," says... More »

Populist Outrage Makes Perfect Sense

Pay system at the heart of this whole mess

(Newser) - All it takes is $18.4 billion, and suddenly the mob is restless. Once, we were content to brush Wall Street’s gross inequities under the rug, but “we’re populists of a more fiery sort now,” writes Thomas Frank in the Wall Street Journal, “the old... More »

Economy Stimulates Hate Groups

Immigrants, internet, hard times are groups' 'furnace of hate,' says expert

(Newser) - The economic crush will spur more activity by the burgeoning number of hate groups in the US, experts warn. Law enforcement investigators are advocating for increased attention to the problem as the economy creates widespread discontent and more recruits for white supremacists, reports the Washington Post. "The internet, immigration... More »

Food Banks See Spike in Demand

Former donors now need donations: bank director

(Newser) - As millions of American families gathered to give thanks for what they have, food banks and shelters struggled to cope with a spike in demand for their services. "Food bank after food bank tells me it's new faces, people they haven't seen before," says one charity spokesman in... More »

At More and More Colleges, SAT Is Now MIA

Standardized test seen as poorly calibrated measure of students' abilities

(Newser) - Colleges are fleeing the SAT, saying the standardized test is not a reliable predictor of academic success, the Boston Globe reports. But though a coalition is forming against the requirement, even doubtful admission officials see the need for a field-leveler for disparate applicants. “The SAT only measures how good... More »

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