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Franken and Coleman Still Jousting on Absentees

If the two can't compromise, Senate may just seat Franken

(Newser) - It’s not clear what the Minnesota Supreme Court was thinking when it made the outcome of the Senate race contingent on the two campaigns working out a deal on disputed absentee ballots. Not surprisingly, the Al Franken and Norm Coleman camps, currently separated by 46 votes, are still far... More »

Minn. Recount Will Push Into New Year

(Newser) - The Minnesota recount will not be complete until next year and could be continuing even as the new Senate is sworn in, Minnesota Public Radio reports. A plan agreed to by both the Coleman and Franken camps has the secretary of state counting wrongly rejected absentee ballots by January 4,... More »

Coleman Claims 150 Ballots Were Double-Counted

Minn. board faces new hurdles as it resolves disputes in Senate race

(Newser) - The Minnesota Senate recount is moving at a one-step-forward, two-steps-back pace, the Minneapolis Star-Tribune reports, with Republican Norm Coleman’s campaign saying 150 ballots were double-counted, and that the total tally needs to be adjusted by the Canvassing Board. The board, which is in the process of evaluating disputed ballots,... More »

Minn. Board Can't Keep Up With New Ballot Challenges

Candidates add to pile as panel starts sifting

(Newser) - The Minnesota state Canvassing Board began evaluating challenged ballots in the Senate recount yesterday, the Minneapolis Star-Tribune reports. These votes, where one of the campaigns disputed voter intent, are the last major obstacle in the count. But the campaigns say that having seen the standards, they may revive some withdrawn... More »

Minnesota Senate Race Hangs on Pair of Rulings

Court, Canvassing Board could shrink Coleman lead

(Newser) - Minnesota’s hotly contested Senate race now hinges on two fast-approaching decisions: a state Supreme Court ruling on standards for counting mistakenly rejected ballots (arguments to be heard tomorrow), and the Canvassing Board’s decision on the number of challenged ballots to be officially counted (review begins today). Republican incumbent... More »

Minnesota Recount Mired in Challenges

Ballot challenges will take a month to decide

(Newser) - The marathon recount in the Senate race in Minnesota is crawling toward a resolution with incumbent Republican Sen. Norm Coleman still ahead of comedian-writer Al Franken by an estimated 210 votes out of 2.9 million ballots cast. The process has been further complicated as the number of ballots challenged... More »

6 Stories