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Cops Reveal Gruesome Fate of Missing Mexican Film Students

3 students tortured, killed by cartel members

(Newser) - Frustration over the disappearance of three university students in Mexico turned to outrage Monday as authorities revealed the men were tortured and killed by cartel members who wrongly suspected them of belonging to a rival gang. Enrolled at Guadalajara's University of Audiovisual Media, Javier Salomon Aceves Gastelum, 25; Marco... More »

Cops: Wife's Wild Murder Cover-Up Foiled by Soup

India's Swati Reddy was allegedly inspired by a movie

(Newser) - It's a tale of murder fit for the movies—which is just where Swati Reddy allegedly got her inspiration. Police in southern India say the 27-year-old nurse killed her husband, then poured acid on the face of her lover in an effort to pass him off as her spouse.... More »

Simple Trick May Help Plants Survive Drought

The effect was seen in rice, wheat, corn, and more

(Newser) - As the climate warms, scientists are conducting experiments around the world to try to boost drought resistance in a wide range of crops. But a study out of the RIKEN Center for Sustainable Resource Science in Japan is especially promising because the key ingredient helping a wide range of crops... More »

Chemist Who Wanted to Change World Through LSD Dies at 75

Nicholas Sand estimates he made nearly 140M doses of LSD in his lifetime

(Newser) - "We thought LSD was going to change the world," the Telegraph quotes Nicholas Sand as saying. The man who estimates he manufactured enough acid for nearly 140 million doses during his lifetime—and who one law-enforcement officer once called "an icon in the world of illicit drugs"... More »

In 40-Year First, LSD Used in Therapy With FDA OK

In new study, it helped to ease anxiety symptoms

(Newser) - Researchers experimented with LSD in psychiatric treatment until such research was effectively banned in the US in 1966—but now a Swiss psychiatrist has conducted the first controlled trial of the hallucinogenic drug in more than four decades, with US FDA approval. Dr. Peter Gasser's study involved 12 people... More »

Aide to Artist Hockney Drank Drain Cleaner

Coroner rules out foul play in assistant's death

(Newser) - A young assistant to British artist David Hockney died when he drank acid after taking drugs and alcohol at the painter's home , a coroner has ruled. Dominic Elliott, 23, died after drinking a household drain cleaner made of sulfuric acid in March. It's still not clear why, or... More »

Acid Thrown in Face of Bolshoi Ballet Director

Sergei Filin may lose his eyesight

(Newser) - The artistic director of the Bolshoi Theater's ballet troupe was splashed with acid and may lose his eyesight in an attack that the Bolshoi said appeared to be linked to struggles for influence at one of the world's most famous ballet companies. Sergei Filin, a 42-year-old former ballet... More »

Parents Kill Daughter for Looking at a Boy

Pakistani parents admit to horrifying acid attack

(Newser) - A Pakistani couple accused of killing their 15-year-old daughter by pouring acid on her carried out the attack because she sullied the family's honor by looking at a boy, the couple said in an interview broadcast today by the BBC . The girl's death underlines the problem of so-called... More »

Woman Spares Man Who Blinded Her With Acid

Ameneh Bahrami halts 'eye for eye' punishment

(Newser) - As Ramadan begins in the Islamic world this week, a remarkable story of forgiveness out of Iran: Ameneh Bahrami halted the "eye for an eye" blinding of Majid Movahedi, who blinded and disfigured her seven years ago when he dumped a bucket of acid on her. Movahedi was minutes... More »

Hong Kong Acid Thrower Strikes Again at Tourist Spot

Cops nab wrong man in connection with latest attack

(Newser) - The Hong Kong acid attacker is back, with two bottles of a corrosive substance thrown from a rooftop onto a busy street market frequented by tourists and locals alike on Saturday. Police detained a suspect in connection with the attack, which injured 30 people, including children, but he turned out... More »

11 Hurt in Hong Kong Acid Attack

Fourth similar attack this year, man busted

(Newser) - Eleven people were injured when a man threw acid at a busy market yesterday in the fourth such attack in the Chinese special administrative region this year. Nine people suffered burns and were treated on site, while two more were taken to the hospital. A 28-year-old man was arrested, CNN ... More »

Man Forced to Drink Acid in UK 'Honor Attack'

(Newser) - A London man was beaten, stabbed, and forced to drink acid in what police believe was an "honor attack," the Daily Mail reports. The victim lost his tongue in the attack and remains in critical condition. Police believe the man, who was originally Danish, was attacked because he... More »

Unbowed by Attack, Afghan Girls Return to School

School thrives despite horrific assault

(Newser) - Last November in Kandahar, the southern Afghan city in the grip of the Taliban, 15 students and teachers were sprayed with acid on their way to a girls' school. The attack was the culmination of a Taliban-supported campaign to keep women from education, but the girls and their teachers have... More »

Snitch: Gotti Had Neighbor Dissolved in Acid

Gotti allegedly had neighbor killed as revenge for running over son

(Newser) - A mob informant says the body of John Gotti's neighbor was dissolved in a barrel of acid after he was shot on the crime kingpin's orders, the New York Daily News reports. John Favara disappeared after accidentally killing Gotti's 12-year-old son in a 1980 traffic accident. Police believe he was... More »

Blinded Woman Wins Eye-for-Eye Islamic Justice

Iranian court orders acid be dropped in attacker's eyes

(Newser) - An Iranian judge is applying Islamic law to give a blinded woman the eye-for-an-eye justice she seeks. A jilted suitor who poured acid on the woman—blinding and disfiguring her—will have the chemical dropped into his eyes, the Washington Post reports. Some officials say it may deter similar crimes... More »

Afghans Bust Schoolgirl Acid Attackers

Assault was 'work of the Taliban': minister

(Newser) - Afghan officials have nabbed 10 Taliban militants accused of throwing acid in the faces of eight schoolgirls and four female teachers, Reuters reports. President Hamid Karzai called for their arrest and said the group would be publicly executed. “The attack was the work of the Taliban and we have... More »

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