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China Developing Fake Breast Milk

Existing formula may not be right for Chinese babies: researchers

(Newser) - China's government is spending $1.6 million to make its own breast milk. The goal is an artificial version of the milk of Chinese moms—a project that involves studying the real stuff to develop what China Daily calls a "breast milk database." Existing baby formula in... More »

Sweden May Ban Images of Babies in Ads for Formula

Health officials want to promote breastfeeding

(Newser) - Sellers of infant formula in Sweden will likely face a tough marketing problem soon: They won't be able to use images of babies on their products. A new law being readied for 2013 would make the practice illegal, reports the Local . Health officials want to encourage breastfeeding over formula,... More »

Bloomberg's New Push: Get Moms to Breastfeed

But some women aren't happy with new initiative at city hospitals

(Newser) - New York City Mayor Bloomberg's mission to make his city healthier isn't stopping at public smoking or big sodas . Now he wants moms to breastfeed, reports the New York Post (which is dismissive of what it views as another "nanny state" effort). Starting in September, most of... More »

After Death, More Retailers Yank Formula

Supervalu, Walgreens, Kroger, Safeway join Walmart in pulling Enfamil lot

(Newser) - Several more national retailers have joined Walmart in pulling a batch of powdered infant formula from their shelves after a Missouri newborn who consumed it apparently died of a rare bacterial infection, the companies said today. Officials at Supervalu, Walgreens, Kroger, and Safeway say they have removed 12.5-ounce cans... More »

Walmart Pulls Formula After Baby's Death

Missouri newborn's death may have been caused by tainted formula

(Newser) - Walmart has pulled a batch of powdered infant formula from stores nationwide after the death of a newborn boy in Missouri. The retailer says customers who bought 12.5-ounce cans of Enfamil Newborn powder with the lot number ZP1K7G can return them for a refund or exchange. No government recall... More »

China Kept Tainted Milk Scare Secret for Year

Public wasn't notified after melamine-laced products found

(Newser) - China took nearly a year to close down a Shanghai dairy after authorities found contaminated milk in the latest melamine scare, according to state media. An investigation was launched several months ago, but it was kept secret until last week after the Shanghai Panda dairy was shut down and three... More »

China Recalls Milk in New Poison Scare

Melamine contamination feared in 7 provinces

(Newser) - China is recalling milk in a new melamine scare a year after thousands of infants were sickened by the poison that contaminated milk and infant formula. The recall so far is limited to products from a single Shanghai dairy. But it involves milk distributed throughout seven provinces amid renewed concerns... More »

Enough Already: Breastfeeding Is Overrated

Ambivalent research hasn't stopped the bullying of formula moms

(Newser) - Breast milk isn’t a magical elixir that boosts IQ and thwarts illness, but it may be the residue of women’s subjugation, Hanna Rosin writes in the Atlantic. Science has never handily declared breastfeeding better than bottled formula, says Rosin. At best, it prevents gastrointestinal illness in some children,... More »

Melamine Traces Found in US Infant Formula

Feds say there's no health risk to babies

(Newser) - Traces of the industrial chemical melamine have been detected in samples of top-selling US infant formula, but federal regulators insist the products are safe. A top official said the levels detected are so low that it would be a "dangerous overreaction" for parents to stop using formula. An outbreak... More »

9 Stories