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Pentagon's Top Rep Probed Over Alleged Misuse of Staff

Dana White allegedly had staffers fetch her drycleaning, buy her pantyhose

(Newser) - The story of an allegedly inappropriate boss is garnering national headlines due to who she is: the Pentagon's top spokeswoman. CNN reports the Defense Department Office of Inspector General has been investigating Dana White, the assistant to the secretary of defense for public affairs, for a number of weeks... More »

PM Surprises Employees at Work, but They're Not There

9 senior officials in UAE have been forced to retire

(Newser) - Senior government officials in the United Arab Emirates chose a bad day to be late for work on Sunday. Prime Minister Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid paid a surprise visit to Dubai's municipality, land, and economic development departments starting at 7:30am Sunday—a regular working day in the UAE—... More »

'Moral Symbols' at Work Can Keep Bad Bosses in Line

'Righteous' quotations, religious items can help workers avoid unethical requests

(Newser) - Could the whole subprime mess have been avoided if bankers had some inspirational Gandhi quotes laying around? That's the question the Chicago Tribune asks after reviewing a study that shows employees who display "moral symbols"—an "ethically righteous quote" or religious item like rosary beads—are... More »

18% of Employees Quit After Zappos Gets Rid of Bosses

Zappos spokesperson says getting used to the new system has been 'weird'

(Newser) - People like to complain about their bosses, but maybe bosses are a necessary evil. Back in 2013, online retailer Zappos announced it was getting rid of managers and job titles in favor of a new work culture that sounds, frankly, a little work cultish . When the change actually came last... More »

Boss' Concern Saves Worker's Life

'He would have died within a few hours'

(Newser) - Some people tell the boss a little white lie to take a sick day. This story goes in the opposite direction, with lifesaving results. Sales manager Mike Bell showed up for work as usual one day at a Dallas-area car dealership, but his boss sensed something was wrong, reports ABC... More »

Zappos' Bizarre Work Culture Will Blow Your Mind

CEO thinks no bosses, new lingo, and flexible rules will revolutionize workplace

(Newser) - Amazon may have acquired Zappos six years ago, but it's likely the work culture at the latter is dramatically different from that of the former. That's because Zappos, under the direction of CEO Tony Hsieh, is pioneering a total revamp of its workplace, including getting rid of all... More »

Best Boss Ever? CEO Gives Workers $1.5M of Own Stock

'Enjoy being an owner of the company,' says Bobby Frist

(Newser) - It was just another day at the office yesterday for 600 employees at Nashville health care company HealthStream—that is, until they received a welcome surprise via a video message sent to their cellphones. In it, CEO Bobby Frist announced that as of late August, they'll all be part-owners... More »

210 Zappos Workers Leave Over No-Boss System

14% take buyout instead of embracing 'Holacracy'

(Newser) - Workers may gripe about bosses, but apparently they like having them. More than 200 employees at online retailer Zappos accepted a buyout plan rather than take part in the company's radical dismantling of the traditional management system, reports the Las Vegas Sun . That accounts for about 14% of the... More »

How to Deal With a Bad Boss: Be Passive-Aggressive

Study points to benefits of not just putting up with it

(Newser) - If you've got a bad boss, you're not alone: USA Today last year reported that 75% of workers see their bosses as the most negative aspect of their jobs, and 65% would take a new boss rather than a raise. A study in Denmark, meanwhile, suggests terrible management,... More »

Most Americans Work on Vacation

Including on the beach or toilet

(Newser) - A vacation doesn't necessarily mean time away from work, according to new research from software company Pertino. Not only do US employees—64% of men and 57% of women—get down to business on holiday, but (according to workers) 54% of bosses expect it. It's not just while... More »

Bosses Do Deserve Higher Pay

They're worth 1.75 regular workers: study

(Newser) - We all enjoy a good gripe session over our bosses, but it turns out middle management may just get a bad rap. Researchers find that an average boss is worth more to the company than an average worker—1.75 times more, to be precise, a figure that matches the... More »

8 Signs You Have an Extraordinary Boss

Great bosses will treat you like a peer: Geoffrey James

(Newser) - What makes the difference between a great boss and a terrible one? To find out, Geoffrey James interviewed some of the world's most successful CEOs and came up with these eight beliefs they tended to share:
  • They let employees make their own decisions: Rather than setting rigid rules, they
... More »

Half of Workers Think They're Better Than the Boss

Too many supervisors don't listen to employees, survey finds

(Newser) - BusinessNewsDaily rounds up some stats from a new survey on how people feel about their bosses. It's not pretty, with the results suggesting that courtesy, honesty, and tact are in short supply in the glass offices. Some specifics:
  • About half of people think they can do a better
... More »

Hotel Workers Take to Web, Rat Out Awful Bosses

...and co-workers, owners, clients...

(Newser) - When it comes to disgruntled hotel workers, Joey DeFrancesco is about as famous as you can get. He became a YouTube sensation last month after posting a video of him quitting his job of 3.5 years at the Renaissance Providence—where he says he was "treated like shit"... More »

Court: German Bosses Can Demand Women Wear Bras

That's 'no impingement on personal rights,' ruling determines

(Newser) - German bosses can order female workers to wear bras, and even dictate the length of their fingernails, a court has ruled. "Being told to wear a bra and to keep fingernails to shorter than half a centimeter does not impinge on personal rights," ruled the Cologne court. Bosses... More »

Your Boss Reads Your IMs... and 9 Things He Won't Admit

But fear not, you're not likely to get fired for online shopping

(Newser) - Ever wonder if your bosses are snooping on you at work? They probably are. On SmartMoney , Catey Hill reveals 10 things they’ll never tell you:
  • They read your emails and IMs: Some employ monitoring software that flags certain keywords or types of messages; one company estimates reading 5% to
... More »

That Time of the Month: Boss Tags Women With Red Bands

You know, to monitor bathroom breaks

(Newser) - We're apparently not making this up: One Norway boss makes female staffers wear red wristbands during that time of the month to explain frequent bathroom breaks. That tidbit popped up in a new report about "tyrannical" bathroom rules at Norwegian workplaces. The report found that some 66% of managers... More »

17% Call Sex With Boss a Smart Move

Mark Zuckerberg on list of least-wanted bosses

(Newser) - About 1 in 6 American workers think sleeping with the boss is a fine career strategy, a new survey says. Seventeen percent of respondents told Adecco Group that sex with an employer can lead to a better job, and 7% said they had actually done so, the New York Post... More »

Psychologist Explains Why Your Boss Is a Jerk

It's a family affair: Yelling dads spawn tyrant bosses

(Newser) - People plagued by tyrant bosses or troublesome co-workers can blame their families, says leadership coach and psychologist Sylvia Lafair. Lafair has identified 13 patterns of annoying office behavior and the family dynamics behind each. They include the abusive, micro-managing "persecutor," who likely comes from a background of neglect,... More »

Go Ahead, Scream at Your Boss

Suffering in silence is bad for your health, study shows

(Newser) - The next time your boss makes you want to scream, go ahead and do it—sort of. A Swedish study shows that people who suffer in silence at work have twice the risk of a heart attack or heart disease compared to those who vent their anger. So-called "covert... More »

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