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Facebook to Employees: Take Time to Grieve

Extends paid bereavement leave to 20 days for immediate family, 10 days for extended

(Newser) - When Sheryl Sandberg's husband, Dave Goldberg, died unexpectedly nearly two years ago, the Facebook executive's life was completely upended. During her time away from work as she mourned, she realized how important it was for her to be spending that time with her children. "Amid the nightmare... More »

7 of the Best Employee Perks

Wait—pet insurance?!

(Newser) - Sure, love what you do—but the pay and benefits don't hurt, either. Glassdoor checked out companies that offer unusual perks beyond unlimited vacation time and casual Fridays, and it found a bunch that have entered "legendary status" for benefits that offer "ingenuity, uniqueness, or life-changing potential.... More »

Trump Rips ObamaCare, Raises Questions on Himself in Process

Seems to imply at Miami campaign event he doesn't offer health care coverage to his own workers

(Newser) - The news that ObamaCare premiums are going to significantly rise next year didn't put many people in the best of moods Tuesday, and Donald Trump was no exception. First he said "it's over" for the administration's health care plan at a rally in Tampa, Fla., Monday... More »

Amazon Just Made 2 Surprising Moves

Expanded parental leave and a shiny new Seattle bookstore

(Newser) - New moms and dads at Amazon have a new perk: six weeks of fully paid leave, CNNMoney reports. Birth mothers will get an additional four weeks before their due date, plus 10 weeks after the birth, for 20 weeks' total paid leave. Plus, employees can share any unused portion of... More »

How to Deal With a Bad Boss: Be Passive-Aggressive

Study points to benefits of not just putting up with it

(Newser) - If you've got a bad boss, you're not alone: USA Today last year reported that 75% of workers see their bosses as the most negative aspect of their jobs, and 65% would take a new boss rather than a raise. A study in Denmark, meanwhile, suggests terrible management,... More »

Texas High Court: Bosses Can Lie to Workers

Judges side with DuPont chemical co.

(Newser) - Employees in Texas, take note: Your boss can lie about your future in the company and get away with it, Main Street reports. A Texas Supreme Court ruling supports the way E.I. du Pont de Nemours (known as DuPont) apparently let go of workers—by getting them to join... More »

Most Americans Work on Vacation

Including on the beach or toilet

(Newser) - A vacation doesn't necessarily mean time away from work, according to new research from software company Pertino. Not only do US employees—64% of men and 57% of women—get down to business on holiday, but (according to workers) 54% of bosses expect it. It's not just while... More »

First the Taco Bell Licker, Now This at Wendy's


(Newser) - If you thought gross fast-food-worker images started and ended with the Taco Bell licker , brace yourself for the latest photo, which seems to show a Wendy's employee dispensing ice cream directly into his mouth. The image was posted to Reddit yesterday, along with this quip: "I was going... More »

Biggest Concern for Many Workers: Just Showing Up

And more than 60% of employees are very stressed: study

(Newser) - A depressing new survey finds that most US workers are very stressed—and that for nearly a quarter of all employees, the top priority is simply showing up at work. According to LiveScience , the study from ComPsych Corp. , an employee assistance program provider, found that:
  • More than 60% of employees
... More »

Romney to Bosses: Tell Workers How to Vote

Tape sheds light on headlines about businesses doing just that

(Newser) - In a conference call earlier this year Mitt Romney urged small-business owners to tell their employees how to vote. "I hope you make it very clear to your employees what you believe is in the best interest of your enterprise and therefore their job and their future," Romney... More »

Bank Fires Worker Over Minor Offense 49 Years Ago

Wells Fargo cans 68-year-old over use of phony dime in laundromat

(Newser) - In the past year and a half, the federal government enforced tough new rules against banks and mortgage-lenders, designed to eliminate executives and mid-level employees with prior convictions for serious offenses such as fraud. But the banks, eager to avoid the $1-million-a-day fines, are firing even low-level workers over minor... More »

Half of Workers Think They're Better Than the Boss

Too many supervisors don't listen to employees, survey finds

(Newser) - BusinessNewsDaily rounds up some stats from a new survey on how people feel about their bosses. It's not pretty, with the results suggesting that courtesy, honesty, and tact are in short supply in the glass offices. Some specifics:
  • About half of people think they can do a better
... More »

Top 10 Wildest Excuses When We're Late for Work

Hiccuping cat, ambiguous lottery ticket top the list

(Newser) - Traffic, poor sleep, and bad weather are the three most common excuses for showing up late to work, according to a nationwide survey of employees and bosses. But what are the most outrageous reasons employees gave in 2011 for being tardy? Here are the top 10, selected by CareerBuilder.com... More »

Starbucks Workers Feel Venti-Size 'Disillusionment'

Giant corporation's anti-corporate culture is in danger

(Newser) - If you're not a fan of Starbucks, you'll be happy to read a lengthy report from Reuters that talks to baristas and managers around the country and concludes they're generally not a happy bunch anymore. Lower pay, fewer benefits, and an increased emphasis on cost-cutting and sales during the downturn... More »

Top 10 Ways Employees Waste Time at Work

Using Facebook, shockingly, makes the list

(Newser) - 24/7 Wall St. looked at a number of workplace studies on how people spend time online, and found that most say employees with PCs spend 20-plus hours a week on the Web while at work—and about a quarter of that is for personal use. 24/7 Wall St. broke... More »

10 Worst Workers Ever

Like the good teacher. Who accidentally gave students a homemade sex tape

(Newser) - For those who think the bar could be set no lower than Michael Scott, a list of the worst employees ever to grace headlines, courtesy of Oddee.com:
  1. The 5th-grade teacher who gave her students a homemade sex tape: Included in year-end DVDs she made for the kids was a
... More »

Ga. County Ask Employees to Return Bonus —From 1994

It overpaid $39,690.46, and it wants every cent back

(Newser) - Giving new meaning to the term "penny pincher," one Georgia county is making sure it collects every cent it's owed—by asking 180 employees to return an overpayment they received in 1994. That was the year Gwinnett County changed its pay cycles, which trimmed one pay period from... More »

Strapped States Raising Taxes on Employers

Critics say it's going to make joblessness worse

(Newser) - Massive unemployment is putting a strain on state benefit funds, and states in turn are trying to recoup the money by raising taxes on employers. In all, 36 states have raised payroll taxes, a strategy that critics say will backfire by putting a crimp on hiring. “Everything’s going... More »

Temp Hiring Is on the Rise

Employers show confidence, but hedged with caution

(Newser) - With the economy on an upswing, employers are feeling a tad more confident—enough to bring on more temporary workers, who can easily be let go if things go south again. Temp hiring has risen for 4 months—longer than the aftermath of previous recessions, when employers started hiring permanent... More »

100 No-Nos Insulting to Waiters

Former waiter irked by Bruce Buschel's New York Times list

(Newser) - Along with the rest of the world—or at least, frequenters of the New York Times website—Lauren Bans read restaurateur Bruce Buschel’s recent “100 Things Restaurant Staffers Should Never Do.” And the former waiter is pretty annoyed. “No minimum wage job should ever require a... More »

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