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Aussie Passports Get a Third Gender: X

Male, female joined by one more option

(Newser) - Australians applying for new passports now have three gender options to choose from: Male, female, or "X." The government says the option for indeterminate gender has been added to remove discrimination against transgender people, some of whom had faced questioning and detention at airports, the AP reports. Applicants... More »

Bradley Manning Considered Switching His Gender

'Bradley felt he was female': counselor

(Newser) - Bradley Manning “felt he was female," and looked into changing his gender, his former counselor tells New York . Though the suspected WikiLeaker “really wanted to do surgery,” the counselor says, “he was mostly afraid of being alone, being ostracized or somehow weird.” Manning used... More »

Dr. Phil to Mom: Don't Let Your Son Play With Barbies

The Oprah favorite offers up controversial advice to a mom

(Newser) - According to Dr. Phil, it’s not a good idea to let your little boy play with Barbies. Why not? Because it could “confuse” him, of course. On his website , the good doctor responds to a mom who’s concerned because her 5-year-old son likes to play with the... More »

IOC: Let 'Gender-Disorder' Women Compete

Allow 'masculine' females if they get treatment, says group

(Newser) - An Olympics panel has recommended that female athletes with masculinizing gender disorders should be allowed to compete if they get medical treatment. “The entire concept is that these individuals should be allowed to compete," a participant in the Miami Beach meeting told the New York Times . Some female... More »

IAAF Denies It OK'd Gold Medal for Semenya

Talks continuing in gender controversy

(Newser) - The International Association of Athletics Foundation is denying claims by the South African government that it decided to allow runner Caster Semenya to keep her gold medal in the wake of questions about her gender. South African officials announced yesterday that Semenya has been cleared of "wrongdoing" and would... More »

Gender Bending Is Back in Fashion

Men's, women's, who cares? young dressers tell market

(Newser) - Call it the new cross-dressing: Young fashionistas are exhibiting a willful disregard for whether items of clothing are “men’s” or “women’s,” mixing and matching what works for them into an androgynous personal statement. So while one young clotheshorse allows he might not don a skirt,... More »

Experts Called In to Review Semenya's Gender Tests

South African track champ may be suffering chromosomal disorder

(Newser) - The International Association of Athletics Federations' gender testing on Caster Semenya is complete, and enough doubt remains that she is truly female that experts have been called in to examine the results, the Daily Telegraph reports. The review will determine whether the South African runner suffers from a chromosomal disorder... More »

Semenya's Makeover Downright Cynical

Too bad South African athlete can't just 'wear pants if she feels like it'

(Newser) - The appearance of Caster Semenya, the runner who was the subject of gender controversy at last month’s world championships, all made over on the cover of a South African magazine has blogger Anna N., on Jezebel, smelling a rat. “It’s hard not to see the shoot as... More »

Semenya Tests Reveal 'Triple Testosterone'

(Newser) - Pre-race World Championship blood tests on super South African runner Caster Semenya revealed testosterone levels three times typical female rates, a source tells the Telegraph. The results of the tests, carried out in South Africa, contributed to a decision by sports officials to call for "gender verification" tests on... More »

Women, Time to Compete Against the Men

Eliminating divisions will solve gender identity issues in sports

(Newser) - Female athletes will always be inherently inferior to their male counterparts unless they can directly prove their mettle against them, Dominic Lawson writes in a provocative column for the Times of London. His solution: “Let there be no male or female athletics championships. Instead, let men and women—and... More »

Semenya Is a Girl: S. African Birth Certificate

Track star feels 'humiliated' over gender controversy

(Newser) - The mother of South African track and field star Caster Semenya has produced a birth certificate showing the runner is female, the BBC reports. "I have no doubt about what I see. It's a girl," said Dorcus Semenya despite calls that Caster take a gender test. Caster fell... More »

S. African Track Star Told to Take Gender Test

Gender confusion has followed Semenya's meteoric success

(Newser) - The International Association of Athletics Federations has asked South African track star Caster Semenya to undergo gender testing, the BBC reports. The 18-year-old Semenya won the 800-meter final today at the World Championships in Berlin, just weeks after becoming African junior champion by smashing the South African record. More »

Pregnant Man Gives Birth to Second Child

(Newser) - Pregnant Man is no one-baby wonder. Thomas Beatie gave birth to his second child this morning, reports ABC News. Beatie, who was born a woman but is now legally a man, catapulted to fame last year when images of his pregnant belly surfaced. Though he's had some surgery toward his... More »

Aha! Zoo Bears Won't Mate Because Both Are Female

Japan park figures out why polar bears don't have much chemistry

(Newser) - A Japanese zoo is learning it might want to check the plumbing more closely the next time it acquires a polar bear cub, CNN reports. Tsuyoshi was brought to the Kushiro Zoo to breed with 11-year-old Kurumi. But when the cub reached reproductive age, he turned out to be she,... More »

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