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Insane New Bullet Corrects Own Course in Mid-Air

Pentagon shows off 'EXACTO' technology in video

(Newser) - An incredible superbullet dreamed up in 2008 is now a reality. The Pentagon's Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency reveals it has created a self-steering bullet that can change its own course in mid-air to hit a moving target. In a DARPA video , a sniper fires at a target that... More »

Pentagon Aims for Target-Seeking Bullet

'Can't miss' sniper round being developed

(Newser) - The Pentagon wants to develop a bullet that can change course in midflight to seek its target, Wired reports. The Defense Advanced Research Project Agency yesterday committed $22 million to producing the superbullet—"an actively controlled .50 caliber projectile that uses information for real time directional flight control"—... More »

2 Stories