Suvarnabhumi airport

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Protesters Will Leave Bangkok Airports

PAD announces end to demonstrations; flights will resume soon

(Newser) - Anti-government protesters in Thailand will end their occupation of Bangkok's two airports, allowing stranded tourists to fly home as soon as Thursday. All protests will end tomorrow, the People's Alliance for Democracy announced today, following a decision by the country's constitutional court that dissolved the leading political parties and barred... More »

Grenade Blast Hurts 46 Thai Protesters

PAD blames pro-government forces, says it's willing to die for cause

(Newser) - A grenade blast at the prime minister’s compound in Bangkok has wounded 46 anti-government protesters, at least two critically, Reuters reports. A leader of the party leading the protest blamed pro-government forces for the attack, which comes as demonstrations at the Government House and Bangkok's international airport garner worldwide... More »

Tension Builds in Bangkok Standoff

Police cordon airport as protesters remain

(Newser) - Police built a huge cordon around Thailand’s main airport today, fueling fears of a confrontation between the government and protesters who have occupied it since Tuesday, the AP reports. Some 2,000 police surrounded demonstrators at Suvarnabhumi airport, where all flights have been grounded, leaving 100,000 tourists stranded.... More »

Thai Troops Prepare to Storm Airport

Government declares state of emergency

(Newser) - The Thai government has declared a state of emergency and is preparing to storm Bangkok's international airport, the Times of London reports. Officials are attempting to negotiate a peaceful solution with representatives of thousands of anti-government protesters who have occupied the city’s two airports since Tuesday—but 30 medical... More »

4 Stories