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Huge Dowry, Huge Uproar for Underage Bride

Man in South Sudan hands over 500 cows, plus cash and car for 17-year-old

(Newser) - Five hundred cows, two luxury cars, $10,000, two bikes, a boat, and a few cell phones made up the final price in a heated bidding war for a teenage bride in South Sudan that went viral after the auction was pointed out on Facebook. The government says it's... More »

Married at 7, Girl Was Dead by 9

Murder in Afghanistan raises plight of child brides

(Newser) - The murder of a 9-year-old girl, allegedly by her 35-year-old husband, is punctuating a disturbing UN report on child marriages in Afghanistan. A bride at age 7, the girl identified as Samia was beaten and strangled to death in the Qads district of Badghis province on Sunday, per Tolo News... More »

Her Dad Took Her to Missouri to Marry Her Rapist

'Kansas City Star' looks at why it's easier for child brides to wed in Missouri

(Newser) - When Keith Strawn was told he had to spend 120 days in jail, the sentencing judge advised the Idaho man to use the time to "think about the 120 days your daughter was married to a rapist because of you." How his daughter Heather came to marry her... More »

Warren Jeffs Ordered to Pay $16M to a Former Child Bride

Elissa Wall was forced to marry her cousin at 14

(Newser) - Warren Jeffs must pay $16 million to a woman he pressured to marry her cousin when she was just 14. Elissa Wall, a child bride within the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, was awarded $4 million in damages and $12 million in punitive damages Tuesday, some 12... More »

Afghan Mullah Arrested for Marrying 6-Year-Old

Sayed Mohammad Karim says girl was 'gift' from her parents; they say she was kidnapped

(Newser) - A case in Afghanistan has pitted a religious figure against the outraged parents of a 6-year-old girl, underscoring the ongoing problems surrounding child marriages there. Per Radio Free Europe , Sayed Mohammad Karim, a mullah in the Ghor province said to be in his 50s, was arrested last week and charged... More »

Child Bride Accused of Killing Husband With Rat Poison

Nigerian 14-year-old could face death penalty

(Newser) - A 14-year-old child bride who apparently saw murder as the only way out of her marriage could get the death penalty in Nigeria. Prosecutors say that Wasila Tasi'u, who came from a poor, rural family in the north of the country, killed her 35-year-old husband and three other people... More »

Yemen Official: Time to End Child Marriages

Questions remain over case of girl who reportedly died

(Newser) - Local officials continue to insist the story of an 8-year-old child bride in Yemen who died of internal injuries on her wedding night is not true—but even so, outrage over the incident continues to grow, and now Yemen's human rights minister says the country must put a stop... More »

Yemen: Report of Child Bride's Death Is False

Authorities say girl in question is fine

(Newser) - Yemeni officials say a shocking media report about a child bride dying from internal injuries sustained on her wedding night simply isn't true, reports the Huffington Post . The initial report about the 8-year-old girl's death went viral, but now a local police official tells Gulf News that it'... More »

Yemeni Girl, 11: I Ran Away to Avoid Marriage

Nada Al-Ahdal says she won't be a child bride

(Newser) - Nada Al-Ahdal came to the world's attention when she released a two-and-a-half-minute YouTube video railing against child marriage in Yemen—and claiming she ran away from home to avoid being forced to marry at age 11. "Death would be a better option for me" than becoming one of... More »

39K Girls Forced to Marry Each Day

UN survey of 42 countries shows more than a third of girls married

(Newser) - How young is too young to get married? In many countries, the answer to that question would disturb you. A new UN Population Fund survey of 42 countries found that more than a third of all girls under the age of 18 in them are married, many presumably against their... More »

'Baby Bride' Wins Annulment

Bride married at 1, wins annulment at 18

(Newser) - An Indian "baby bride" wedded at the age of 12 months to a 3-year-old groom has won an annulment of the marriage 17 years later. "I was unhappy about the marriage,” said Laxmi Sargara. “I told my parents, who did not agree with me, then I... More »

5-Year-Old Syrian Boy Engaged to 3-Year-Old Girl

The wedding takes place in 10 years

(Newser) - They "could be the youngest couple in the world to get engaged of their own free will," trumpets the Gulf News . It would be tough to beat: The Syrian boy is five and the girl is three. Their parents swear it's legit and even bought rings that have... More »

Child Brides Flogged for Fleeing Illegal Marriages

Afghan girls expecting help beaten instead

(Newser) - When Khadija, 13, and Basgol, 14, escaped from the much older men they'd been forced to marry, they thought the police would help. Instead, the police officers who found the girls fleeing on a bus sent them back to their home village to be brutally flogged for running away from... More »

Nigeria Probes Senator's Marriage to Girl, 13

He's accused of bedding minor after $100K dowry

(Newser) - Nigerian lawmakers are accusing one of their colleagues of shaming the country by bringing a child bride back home from a trip to Egypt. Senator Eme Ufot Ekaette allegedly paid a $100,000 dowry to the parents of the 13-year-old girl, and married her in a ceremony at Nigeria's national... More »

Dead Yemeni Child Bride Was Tied Up, Raped: Mom

Tragedy underscores girls being forced into marriage

(Newser) - A 13-year-old Yemeni child bride who bled to death shortly after marriage was tied down by her 23-year-old husband and repeatedly forced to have sex, according to the child's mother, police, and medical reports. Nijma Ahmed, who had tried to persuade her daughter to have sex with her husband so... More »

Yemen Bride, 13, Bleeds to Death

Girl Married Off By Brother to Buddy, 23

(Newser) - A 13-year-old Yemini bride married off by her family to a 23-year-old man has died from bleeding from genital tearing. The girl, from Hajja province, died 4 days after her wedding. Her husband has been detained by authorities. The girl was married off as part of a deal between two... More »

Call for Probe After Malaysia Girl Bride Is Hospitalized

Minister rips 'reckless, irresponsible' incident

(Newser) - A Malaysian minister has called for an investigation into child marriages after an 11-year-old bride ended up in a hospital suffering from shock. The girl was snatched from her home by a 41-year-old man who had received permission from her parents to marry her, reports AP . She was later found... More »

Yemen Right-Wingers Blocked Push to End Child Marriages

Conservatives claimed introducing minimum marriage age was un-Islamic

(Newser) - Conservative lawmakers in Yemen, where a 12-year-old girl died giving birth to her husband's child last week, shot down an attempt to set the minimum marriage age at 17 earlier this year, CNN reports. The lawmakers kept the bill from reaching the country's president by arguing that it violated Islamic... More »

Yemeni Child Bride, 12, Dies in Childbirth

Girl forced to marry 24-year-old dies after three days in labor

(Newser) - A pregnant 12-year-old Yemeni girl has died after three days of excruciating labor that also claimed her baby, a human rights group tells CNN. Fawziya Ammodi's poverty-stricken family forced her to drop out of school last year to marry a 24-year-old man. More than half of Yemeni girls are married... More »

Saudi Child Bride's Marriage Annulled

Wedding to middle-aged man sparked global controversy

(Newser) - The marriage of an eight-year-old Saudi girl to a man in his 50s that drew worldwide attention has been annulled in an out-of-court settlement, the BBC reports. A judge had twice denied the girl—reportedly married off by her father to pay a debt—a divorce. The case has led... More »

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