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City Councilwoman Quits Over the Word 'Christmas'

Charlene Storey walks out on Roselle Park's city council

(Newser) - A city councilwoman quit her job on Thursday over the word "Christmas"—then made an apparent deal to return to work, the Star-Ledger reports. Charlene Storey, a councilwoman in Roselle Park, NJ, resigned after council voted 4-2 to change the name of its tree-lighting ceremony from "A... More »

Reese's Peanut Butter 'Trees' Cause Mass Confusion

The attempt at pumpkins had similar results

(Newser) - It is a tree? Is it a turd? Is it worth getting upset about? Some say yes to the last and are taking to social media to complain about the blob-like shape of the Hershey Company's latest attempt to make holiday-themed Reese's peanut butter cups, reports CNN —... More »

Your Christmas Tree May Be Full of Creepy-Crawlies

Slugs, bugs, spiders, frogs—up to 25K might be hiding out in your evergreen

(Newser) - Perhaps there's some merit to having a skimpy-looking Charlie Brown Christmas tree: At least you can see if there are any critters hanging out there. Oregon entomologists checked out 100 evergreen fields and discovered more than 67,000 bugs and other small pests from 836 species, the Wall Street ... More »

Tree-Munching Bugs Wage War on Christmas

Adelgids deplete fir tree population

(Newser) - Talk about a war on Christmas: It's happening right now in southern Appalachia, and the aggressors are freckle-sized bugs with no natural predators. The balsam woolly adelgid, as the creature is known, is wreaking havoc on Canaan and Fraser firs, famed as Christmas trees. The onslaught is leaving trees... More »

Your Christmas Tree: Home to 25K Bugs?

The good news is, they'll end up dead

(Newser) - Santa may be sneaking down your chimney, but he's not the only one making his way into your home. An avalanche of bugs is likely riding the Christmas Tree Express straight into your living room, reports the AFP . It spoke to a scientist who cited research that has found... More »

RI Christians Revolt Over 'Holiday Tree'

Carolers crash tree lighting as Catholics hold competing event

(Newser) - When Scott Walker rechristened Wisconsin’s Capitol "holiday tree" a "Christmas tree," the atheists revolted ; now, in Rhode Island, the opposite is happening. When the governor unveiled the Statehouse "holiday tree," angry carolers crashed last night's tree lighting, interrupting a children's chorus to... More »

DC Gets Massive Christmas Tree

63-foot fir arrives from California

(Newser) - It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas around the nation's capital: A 63-foot Sierra white fir tree fresh out of California's Stanislaus National Forest pulled into Washington, DC, today, to serve as the Capitol Christmas Tree. The tree will be put up next to the Capitol... More »

White House Backs Off Christmas Tree 'Tax'

Whatever term you use, it's not happening

(Newser) - So much for that new Christmas tree tax . After a storm of criticism on the right, the Agriculture Department has temporarily scrapped plans for the 15-cent fee, reports the Hill . Under the original plan, big producers and importers of trees would have paid 15 cents per tree, and the money... More »

Scott Walker Rechristens 'Holiday Tree' a 'Christmas Tree'

Wisconsin atheists not happy with the switch

(Newser) - Scott Walker, never one to shy away from controversy, inflamed atheists on Monday by re-naming Wisconsin’s Capitol Rotunda “holiday tree” a “Christmas tree.” That’s what the tree was called from 1916 to 1985, but for the last quarter-century, lawmakers have called it by the more... More »

Government OKs Christmas Tree Tax

Plan is to use revenue to promote real, live trees

(Newser) - In a move that both Santa and Scrooge would probably have an opinion about, the US Agriculture Department yesterday OKed a Christmas tree "tax." The 15-cent fee (which the USDA is calling a charge, not a tax) will be imposed on American growers and importers, and is expected... More »

Drunk Student Tries to Cut Down 30-Foot Christmas Tree

21-year-old admitted he was 'pretty hammered'

(Newser) - It wouldn't be the holidays without a bit of yuletide-themed idiocy—an Ohio college student faces disorderly conduct charges for allegedly trying to chop down a 30-foot pine tree near a public street, the Smoking Gun reports. Police came upon the 21-year-old about 2am standing next to a massive... More »

$11M Christmas Tree Was a Bit Over the Top: Abu Dhabi

UAE hotel apologizes for 'attempts to overload tradition'

(Newser) - Your Christmas tree might be looking a little wan this year, but the party keeps going over in Abu Dhabi in the form of an $11 million Christmas tree. But even the posh hotel that put up the monstrosity now says it might have been a bit overkill: The Emirates... More »

For a Green Christmas, Try Renting a Tree

Movement gains traction among eco-friendly

(Newser) - For those who want Christmas cheer but don't like the idea of killing a tree or buying an unrecyclable plastic replica, there's a third option: renting a live one. A number of firms have popped up offering to rent potted trees and replant them in nurseries after the holidays, reports... More »

Cops Seize Marijuana Christmas Tree

7-foot 'tree' seized during drug bust

(Newser) - Move over, Grinch: Police in Germany have ruined Christmas for a suspect they describe as an "old hippie." Officers raided the guy's home after a tip-off and discovered a 7-foot marijuana plant in his living room, placed in a Christmas tree stand and decorated with strings of lights,... More »

Scientists Hope to Clone Perfect Christmas Tree

Someday, they might even glow by themselves

(Newser) - Scientists are busy trying to take the fun out of the hunt for the perfect Christmas tree. Danish researchers are trying to crack the genome of the conifer for the first time, a development that could lead to oh-so-perfect trees and possibly even flame-retardant needles. Another group in Britain is... More »

Love It or Hate It, Tinsel Thrives at Cheap-O Xmas

Sole US manufacturer of 'icicles' says sales up 40%

(Newser) - Decorating Christmas trees with tinsel is a divisive practice, but one thing proponents and detractors can agree on is its economy, a factor that appears to be the deciding one in this holiday season of scarcity. At the only major US maker of the shiny plastic strips, sales are up... More »

Gingerbread White House Boasts Candy Bo

Eco-friendly lights, 27 trees liven up the full-size executive mansion

(Newser) - Everyone got into the act of readying the White House for the holidays—staffers and volunteers who helped with decorating, community groups whose members created ornaments, and even the White House bees, whose honey went into the gingerbread that became a 390-pound replica of the executive mansion. At the bottom... More »

Pro-Impeachment Ornament Won't Grace Bush Tree

(Newser) - A Seattle artist who created a Christmas tree ornament advocating the impeachment of President Bush will not see it hanging on the White House after all, the Washington Post reports. The first lady ordered that it be yanked down. “Oh, dear,” said Deborah Lawrence. “This doesn’t... More »

Zoo Makes Gifts from Reindeer Poo

(Newser) - Reindeer have found yet another way to give of themselves for our holiday benefit. An Illinois zoo is selling Christmas tree ornaments fashioned from the creatures' droppings, the Bloomington-Normal Pantagraph reports. The small droppings are dried, painted, and incorporated into whimsical designs. The $5 gifts have been dubbed “magical... More »

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