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Nervous Scientists to Test Stem Cells on Humans

Less-than-positive results could spell disaster

(Newser) - Scientists are preparing the first human tests of stem cell treatments—and they're nervous about it. They plan to inject cells into patients with spinal cord injuries and progressive blindness, a move that, based on animal trials, should improve the patients' condition. But those involved still fear anything less than... More »

Scientists Move Closer to Womb Transplant

Successful rabbit test means human test could be 2 years away

(Newser) - British doctors have performed successful uterus transplants in rabbits, meaning they could try the procedure on a human woman in as little as two years. Researchers say they’ve solved the blood supply problems that have until now bedeviled uterus transplants; a Saudi woman tried the procedure in 2000, but... More »

Swine Flu Vaccine Trials to Hit 8 Cities in Aug.

(Newser) - The National Institutes of Health will supervise a nationwide test of a swine flu vaccine in eight cities starting in August, the Seattle Times reports. Test subjects will be drawn from Seattle, Baltimore, Iowa City, St. Louis, Atlanta, Cincinnati, Houston, and Nashville. Thousands will receive “a vaccine you can't... More »

On World AIDS Day, a Call for Sounder Science

Stronger research would trump futile drug trials

(Newser) - Researchers are hopeful they can develop an AIDS vaccine despite the recent, high-profile failures of two clinical trials, Health Day reports. But progress must be built on solid science and convincing preliminary results in animals. “There have been a lot of calls for a return to basic science,”... More »

4 Stories