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Katt Williams Hears Punishment for 2014 Camera Theft

Comedian gets probation, must take anger management classes

(Newser) - Katt Williams won't be going to prison for his role in a 2014 camera theft that landed Suge Knight back behind bars. The comedian, who'd been facing up to seven years in prison for taking a paparazzo's camera near a Beverly Hills studio, will serve three years'... More »

15-Year-Olds Punch Walls the Most

1.2K people were treated for related injuries in 2014

(Newser) - Walls do so much for us. And what do they get in return? Punched. After all, writes Keith Collins at Quartz , "Walls are big, they’re imposing, and they’re almost always nearby." Collins queried the US Consumer Product Safety Commission , which keeps tabs on annual emergency room... More »

Nearly 10% of Us Have Both Anger Issues and Guns

Researchers say identifying more serious mental health issues won't do the trick

(Newser) - When Duke University researchers asked subjects to reveal a) if they've ever exhibited impulsive angry behavior, and b) if they have easy access to a gun, 8.9% of them copped to such anger management issues and a gun in their home, while 1.5% of them admitted to... More »

Bieber's Penalty for DUI Arrest: Anger Classes

State attorney: this was 'rash, juvenile-type conduct'

(Newser) - What's Justin Bieber's punishment for his DUI arrest back in January? Anger management classes, apparently. The singer pleaded guilty to resisting arrest and careless driving, rather than to the initial DUI charge. In exchange, he'll sit through 12 hours of anger management classes, donate $50,000 to... More »

Bieber Pays Big in Egging Incident

Well, 'big' by normal-people standards; he has to pay $81K in damages

(Newser) - Let this be a lesson to any kid thinking of egging his neighbor: Justin Bieber has been ordered to pay $80,900 and will serve two years of probation after he pelted a home with eggs in his Calabasas neighborhood in January. The pop star pleaded no contest to a... More »

Chris Brown Too Angry for ... Anger Rehab?

He hurled a rock at his mother's car, got kicked out

(Newser) - Chris Brown didn't voluntarily leave anger management rehab this week, he was chucked out for being too angry, it emerged at a probation hearing in Los Angeles yesterday. The singer, who voluntarily checked himself into the Malibu facility after last month's assault arrest in Washington, DC , was ordered... More »

Chris Brown Hits Rehab, Will Seek 'Focus, Insight'

Singer hoping to resume career 'from healthier vantage point'

(Newser) - After his latest assault charge, Chris Brown has decided to get some help. The singer is checking into rehab and "his goal is to gain focus and insight into his past and recent behavior, enabling him to continue the pursuit of his life and his career from a healthier... More »

Troubled CIA Op Busted in Fight Over Parking Spot

Raymond Davis was recently freed in 'blood money' deal after Pakistan killings

(Newser) - You might want to cross the street to avoid Raymond Davis: The CIA operative—who last made headlines after causing a diplomatic furor between the US and Pakistan after he killed two Pakistanis he said were trying to rob him —is in trouble again, this time in Colorado. Seems... More »

Chris Brown: 'I Had to Release the Anger Inside'

He apologizes ... which makes everything better, right?

(Newser) - Chris Brown is sorry for yelling, tearing his shirt off, and throwing a chair into a window after a Good Morning America interview on Tuesday. Of course, it's not all his fault he got so angry. ABC didn't stick to the "talking points" set forth by his camp, he... More »

Chris Brown Goes Nuts After GMA Interview

Reportedly smashes a window with a chair after Rihanna questions

(Newser) - Today's "a leopard can't change his spots" story: Chris Brown apparently went berserk after a Good Morning American interview this morning. TMZ reports that Robin Roberts questioned Brown about the infamous Rihanna incident and his legal issues. He tried to change the subject; she persisted. After the interview, Brown... More »

Traffic Cop Viciously Beaten While Issuing Ticket

Angry motorist broke his skull, ran off on foot

(Newser) - An angry motorist sent a traffic cop to the hospital over a parking ticket yesterday. Edgar Saeteros was trying to ticket a double-parked car, when someone—presumably the driver—ran up behind him and bashed his head, the New York Daily News reports. “He was hit in the head,... More »

Want Fries, Er, Knuckle Sammy With That?

'Miscommunication' ends in burgers, punches being thrown

(Newser) - Apparently the customer isn't always right: Hamburgers, fries, punches, and chairs all were thrown during a fight involving customers and employees of a fast food restaurant in Kalamazoo that ended with two arrests. Police said four customers in a vehicle at a Wendy's drive-thru lane midday yesterday claimed their order... More »

Gamer Stabs Counter-Strike Foe—For Real

He plotted revenge after his character's killing

(Newser) - A Frenchman—possibly so divorced from reality that he failed to realize there's no respawn option in real life— hunted down a player who "fatally stabbed" his virtual character in online game Counter-Strike and plunged a real knife into the game rival's chest. The victim survived after the knife... More »

Sean Penn Must Get Anger Management

He cops a plea after roughing up a photographer

(Newser) - Sean Penn will undergo 36 hours of anger management and then live in peace and harmony with the paparazzi. That's the plan, anyway, after he copped a plea for roughing up a photographer last year, reports People . He also gets 3 years of probation and 300 hours of community service,... More »

Common Psychology Myths

Armchair therapists need to shut up

(Newser) - Everyone likes to pretend they know things about psychology. Unfortunately, most of what you hear is total crap, a psychology student writes for Cracked. Some top offenders:
  • Let Your Anger Out, You’ll Feel Better: Actually, you’ll just want to be more angry. “Lashing out to control your
... More »

Got a Temper? Blame Your Genes

(Newser) - Why some people get steamed while others stay cool depends on which version of a certain gene they carry, the Daily Telegraph reports. German scientists isolated a gene that affects dopamine levels. In a study, people with the least common variation showed little anger. Those with the other two mutations... More »

Damage Control: Brown Enrolls in Anger 101

Singer hopes course will help his image

(Newser) - Chris Brown is trying to salvage his public image with anger management classes, the New York Daily News reports, but some insiders are quick to gripe that Rihanna—whom Brown is accused of beating up Feb. 7—should do the same. “Rihanna is temperamental, too,” said one source.... More »

Rant Just Bale in Character: Producer

Stress pushed method actor over edge on Terminator 4 set

(Newser) - Christian Bale’s profane tirade on the Terminator Salvation set was just another day on the job, an assistant director/producer tells TMZ. “Christian is a method actor and was completely immersed in his scene,” he insists. “Bale’s reaction was from the heat of the moment.”... More »

Stars Dump Avery, But Can't Touch $15.5M Contract

'It was a bad marriage and it was time to separate,' coach says

(Newser) - Sean Avery won’t return to the Dallas Stars after his suspension, the Morning News reports. The team said it can’t continue with the volatile player, who had barely begun a 4-year contract that guarantees him $15.5 million. “It was a bad marriage and it was time... More »

Obnoxious Docs Linked to Dangerous Mistakes

Nurses often afraid to point out errors, ask questions

(Newser) - If your doctor's a jerk, it might be dangerous to your health. Many nurses are reporting that hostile, harried physicians often ignore their summons—or make them hesitant to questions in the first place. This "health care equivalent of road rage" causes errors, dangerous complications, and sometimes the... More »

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