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America's Richest, Poorest Cities

San Jose is No. 1 in terms of income; poorest is Detroit

(Newser) - Of the country's 25 most populated cities, San Jose has the highest median household income: near $77,000, compared to the national median of $51,000. San Jose's success is thanks in part to its high-tech culture. MarketWatch lists the five richest, with median incomes:
  • San Jose, $77,
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Age 55 to 64? Past 3 Years Haven't Been Kind

Median income has plunged 9.7% since 2009 for those in age group

(Newser) - The recovery from the economic crisis officially began in 2009, but many Americans ages 55 to 64 may have a tough time using the word "recovered." That age group has been hit hardest of all, with the median household income dropping 9.7% over the past three years... More »

Paycheck Data Dismal in 2010

...Unless you were a millionaire

(Newser) - The Social Security Administration quietly released payroll data for 2010 yesterday, and they were “in a word, awful,” writes David Cay Johnston at Reuters —assuming you’re not a millionaire, that is. The number of people making at least $1 million rose by 20%, jumping from 78,... More »

US Poverty Rate Hits 11-Year High

First figures since recession reveal decline in incomes

(Newser) - The share of Americans living in poverty soared to 13.2% last year, its highest level since 1997, according to new census data. Median household income also fell, to $50,303 from $52,163 the previous year. Latinos have suffered the most from the recession. Their median income dropped by... More »

College May Be Out of Reach for Most US Kids

Middle-class families loans grow to cover rising tuition costs

(Newser) - Rising tuition costs are putting college out of reach for most Americans, a new report shows. Since 1982, college costs have gone up 439%, but median family income only 147%. That has forced the middle class to increasingly fund higher education through loans. For lower-income families—for whom public universities... More »

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