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Federal Hiring Freeze Is Over, but There's a Catch

Agencies have to submit plans for cuts

(Newser) - It's not a carte blanche, but the White House on Wednesday lifted the federal hiring freeze put in place days after President Trump's inauguration . Budget Director Mick Mulvaney made the announcement Tuesday but paired it with the warning that agencies won't "be free to hire willy-nilly.... More »

Trump Signs 3 Big Executive Orders

Pulls out of TPP, reinstates abortion funding ban, and institutes hiring freeze

(Newser) - President Trump had a busy morning, signing three executive orders on trade, abortion, and federal hiring, and issuing a warning to US companies that they'll be penalized if they move overseas. Details:
  • TPP: As promised, Trump signed an order withdrawing the US from the Trans-Pacific Partnership , which the New
... More »

Calif. Budget Crisis Cripples UC System

(Newser) - California's budget crisis has taken an $813 million toll on its famed UC system, Time reports. The University of California's 10 campuses are attempting to deal with the 20% budget cut by instituting mandatory furloughs for 80% of staff, drastically cutting or even freezing new hires, and increasing tuition by... More »

Harvard Endowment Drops $8B in Steepest Loss Ever

Endowment's record plunge threatens school operations

(Newser) - Harvard, the world's richest university, saw its endowment plunge 22% between June and October of this year, the worst loss in its history, the Boston Globe reports. Revenue generated by the endowment, which fell by $8 billion, pays for 35% of the school's operation, and Harvard president Drew Faust expects... More »

4 Stories