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James Holmes Could Be Given 'Truth Serum'

Plea due today in Aurora shooting

(Newser) - James Holmes' plea in the Aurora massacre is due today—and if he pleads insanity at the time of the shooting, he could be administered medication to confirm he's telling the truth. In a so-called "narcoanalytic interview," the defendant could receive inhibition-lowering drugs; these may include sodium... More »

India to Use Truth Serum on Terrorist

Drug used during Cold War, now banned in most democracies

(Newser) - Indian police plan to inject a controversial truth serum into the lone surviving Mumbai terrorist to try to prove his identity, reports the London Times. The narcotics-powered analysis could yield proof that the so-called "baby-faced gunman" is indeed from Pakistan, which India suspects but Pakistan doubts. Western agencies stopped... More »

2 Stories