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This Isn't a Repeat of 2008

And since the causes are different, so is the solution: Francesco Guerrera

(Newser) - With a new round of financial turmoil cascading from country to country and market to market, many are labeling the current chaos a repeat of 2008—just substitute "downgrade" for "Lehman collapse." But that would be a mistake, as this crisis differs from 2008 in three major... More »

'Top Moneymaker' Status Comes With Math Problem

(Newser) - The annual ranking of movie stars based on exhibitors' sentiment is out. Thing is, the Quigley Poll bases its list on what industry insiders think the stars brought in, not on hard numbers. Gina Serpe of E! takes a look at the discrepancies.
  • Will Smith: Theater owners had a lot
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'Green' Tops 2008's Most Annoying Terms

'Maverick,' 'staycation,' and 'game-changer' also make appearances

(Newser) - Did you get your fill of mavericks this year? Or companies claiming to go green? Those words made Lake Superior State University’s list of the most overused words and phrases of 2008, the AP reports. Other annoying winners:
  • Carbon footprint
  • First dude
  • Bailout
  • Wall Street, in comparison with Main
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Cruise, Obama Top List of 2008 Viral Videos

(Newser) - In the vast, fragmented online universe, videos tend to entice some and disgust others. But every year offers a list of viral vids enjoyed by all. The Washington Post runs down 2008's best:
  • Tom Cruise on Scientology: A rambling, fervent Cruise extols his religion, saying he's the "only one
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Top New Phrases of 2008

Schott compiles list of 2008's most memorable neologisms

(Newser) - 2008 will be remembered not only for a historic election and financial gyrations, but for the words and phrases that came into use this year. Ben Schott, author of Schott's Almanac, lists some of 2008's most interesting neologisms in the London Times.
  • Terrorist fist jab: A blunt Fox News-ism to
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Google Taps Zeitgeist, Finds Palin a Winner

Alaska governor went zooming up search charts in '08

(Newser) - Every year, Google releases its analysis of the global zeitgeist based on billions of searches around the world. Newsweek reports the highlights:
  • Sarah Palin: "Obama" was the most searched for term overall, but the Alaska governor grabbed the top spot on the fastest-rising list.
  • Beijing 2008: The world was
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Morrison Tops Times 10 Best Books List

NY Times names its top 10 for 2008

(Newser) - Nobel Prize-winner Toni Morrison's most recent novel and nonfiction books about two wars feature on the New York Times list of the 10 best books of the year. They include:
  • A Mercy: Morrison's tale of 17th-century slaves and masters is "part Faulknerian puzzle, part dream-song."
  • 2666: Chilean author
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