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Ears Get Caught, Save Boy From Death Plunge

He's hooked by grates, saved by rescuers

(Newser) - A Chinese child's ears got caught in grates beneath a window to save the dangling boy from plunging to his death. Ming Ming, 6, tumbled from an 8th-floor window of his home in Yichang when his babysitting grandfather stepped out to run an errand. But his ears were hooked by... More »

Discovery Delayed 2nd Time

(Newser) - NASA called off another launch attempt for the shuttle Discovery, scheduled for early tomorrow, due to a broken valve in the craft’s liquid propellant system, reports tonight. It’s the second time the mission has been postponed in less than 24 hours: Storms early this morning forced... More »

NASA Delays Shuttle Launch

(Newser) - NASA scrubbed space shuttle Endeavour's scheduled launch today after nine lightning strikes were reported near the pad in Florida. Technicians said they found no damage but will need another day to check critical systems. The next launch attempt will be in the early evening tomorrow. Endeavour should have blasted off... More »

NASA Hopes for Wednesday Launch

Moon probes would be delayed to Friday

(Newser) - NASA is planning to delay the launch of two unmanned moon probes to give the space shuttle Endeavour another shot at takeoff, reports. The shuttle was grounded last week because of a hydrogen gas leak. Mission managers will make the final decision later today, but expect Endeavour to... More »

Rare Rocket Launch in Va. May Wow East Coast

(Newser) - A rare mid-Atlantic rocket launch could give Americans up and down the East Coast a special night sight next week, reports. NASA's launch of a spy satellite from Wallops Island in Virginia is scheduled after sunset Tuesday, with a window of 8 to 11pm. Similar events, mostly on... More »

New Rover Won't Hit Mars Until 2011

(Newser) - NASA is delaying the launch of its next Mars rover, which is significantly larger and more complex than previous models, until 2011, reports. The Mars Science Laboratory was set to arrive on the red planet next year, but problems with crucial mechanical components mean it will miss its... More »

6 Stories