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NYC Cockatiels Inherit $100K

The deceased millionaire's birds are set

(Newser) - Look out, high society: 32 cockatiels currently living in a private New York City aviary just came into quite a bit of money. The New York Post reports millionaire Leslie Mandel, who died in June, left $100,000 to her 32 pet cockatiels with explicit instructions on how to care... More »

Bird Shelters Overrun as Foreclosures Take Toll

Exotic animals not always welcome, and require special care

(Newser) - The US foreclosure epidemic, hard on all kinds of pets, appears particularly devastating for exotic birds, Reuters reports. People forced to vacate their homes are finding that cockatiels, macaws, and the like won’t fly at their new digs. Shelters for cats and dogs aren’t equipped to handle the... More »

2 Stories