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Blood Test Can Tell If You Need Antibiotics or Not

Quick 'MeMed' test can distinguish between viral, bacterial infections: scientists

(Newser) - When you're hacking up a lung and it's not getting better, you know you're going to have to visit the doctor. What you (and even the doctor) often don't know is whether that antibiotic Rx you may get is going to work, simply because it's... More »

Flu Pandemic Slacks Off, But 'It's Not Over'

Tamiflu-resistant cluster crops up in NC; 3 of 4 patients dead

(Newser) - The swine flu outbreak is slacking off in some areas, but don't get complacent, officials say: Pandemics naturally fluctuate. "There can be multiple ups and downs over the season," says a CDC doctor. "We have many weeks ahead of us where disease is going to be circulating.... More »

Swine Flu More Likely to Cause Pneumonia

WHO urges doctors to treat suspected cases with antiviral meds

(Newser) - Swine flu is much more likely than seasonal flu to cause potentially life-threatening viral pneumonia, the World Health Organization said today, urging doctors to immediately treat even young and otherwise healthy suspected H1N1 cases with antiviral meds. “It’s not like seasonal influenza,” said a WHO officer. It... More »

Officials Fear Flu Drug Resistance

Misuse of antivirals by panicked public could breed stronger strains of disease

(Newser) - Pharmacies are stocking up on Tamiflu and other anti-influenza drugs as fears grow of a swine flu outbreak, but health officials warn that the antivirals could do more harm than good if administered incorrectly. Taking the drugs in the wrong dose or for too short a time can lead to... More »

Perry Asks Feds for Swine Flu Meds

Seems like only yesterday he was talkin' 'bout a secession

(Newser) - Turning sharply from tea party-inspired talk of secession, Texas Gov. Rick Perry is responding to three known cases of swine flu in his state by asking the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to hand over 37,430 precautionary doses of antiviral meds, the San Marcos Daily Record reports.... More »

With 20 Sick, US Declares Swine Flu Emergency

Napolitano stresses declaration is 'standard operating procedure'

(Newser) - The White House declared today a public health emergency to fight the spread of swine flu, the New York Times reports. With 20 confirmed infections in the US, the declaration frees up money and resources for diagnosis, prevention, and antiviral medication. “We’re preparing in an environment where we... More »

Cold Sore Drugs Could Treat Alzheimer's

(Newser) - British researchers have firmed up a link between cold sores and Alzheimer's disease, the Times of London reports. The virus behind the sores apparently helped cause Alzheimer's in 60% of cases studied, which may mean that common antiviral drugs can stop the disease. “If we are right, there is... More »

7 Stories