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OITNB Star: I Won't Make My Face More Feminine

'This is the face that God gave me,' says transgender icon Laverne Cox

(Newser) - Sophia Burset is back on Netflix, making over inmates at Litchfield Penitentiary in the new season of Orange Is the New Black . But Laverne Cox, the transgender actress who plays her, says she personally won't get any makeover: Though she used to crave "highly invasive surgical procedures" to... More »

'Cuddle Spray' Makes Men Girly

Hormone induces emotion, empathy

(Newser) - Watch out macho men: German researchers have found a way to make males more sensitive. A hormone-laced potion called "cuddle spray" shot into men's noses can make males more emotional, empathetic and snugly. The active ingredient is oxytocin, a so-called "trust hormone" that is released during orgasm and... More »

Chemicals Hitting Males Where It Hurts

Toxins triggering sex changes across species, research finds

(Newser) - Common chemicals are speeding the pace of evolution and having a feminizing impact on males across several species, reports the Independent. New research reveals that baby boys whose mothers have been exposed to more "gender-bending" chemicals—endocrine-disrupters like many pesticides—have smaller, feminized genitals. "This research shows... More »

3 Stories