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Can't Afford Life-Saving Medicine? Just Make Your Own

Anarchist is leading push to upend the pharmaceutical industry

(Newser) - Don't have $600 to spare for a two-pack of EpiPens? Michael Laufer will show you how to make your own for $35. Need a cure for hepatitis C but don't have $84,000 laying around for Sovaldi? The anarchist says his DIY version will run you $800 or... More »

Here's Why Anarchists Erected Naked Trump Statues

Artist says he'd make one of Clinton, too

(Newser) - It was a sight to create sore eyes: Naked and extremely unflattering statues of a Donald Trump without testicles were erected simultaneously in New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Cleveland, and Seattle early Thursday. Anarchist collective INDECLINE was behind the project, and a spokesman tells the Washington Post that the... More »

Inside One Man's Attempt to Crowdfund Assassination

'Kuwabatake Sanjuro' thinks bitcoin site can wipe out all governments

(Newser) - Ben Bernanke has an almost $75,000 price on his head, placed there by anonymous malcontents online. He's the biggest—but far from the only—target on Assassination Market, a "dark web" site that lets users nominate targets and contribute money to the cause using theoretically untraceable bitcoins.... More »

Obama Assassination Plot: Relative Went to Police

Death of Isaac Aguigui's wife raised her suspicions

(Newser) - More details are trickling out about Isaac Aguigui, the purported leader of a group allegedly planning to overthrow the government and assassinate the president: In September of last year, a female relative of his told police she had concerns about the soldier. Specifically, that his wife had died that July... More »

FBI: Anarchists Could Target Conventions

Bulletin warns of attempts to shut down Tampa bridges

(Newser) - Anarchists could turn violent at the Republican and Democratic conventions, the FBI and Department of Homeland Security say in a bulletin obtained by CNN . Such advisories are routine before big events, though this one is drawing attention because of its suggestion that hard-core protesters might use improvised explosive devices. Referring... More »

Protesters Battle Chicago Cops at NATO Summit

Hacker group temporarily takes down police, NATO websites

(Newser) - What began as an orderly march by thousands of activists protesting the NATO summit yesterday turned bloody as clashed erupted with Chicago police. At least seven people required hospital treatment, and dozens were arrested, reports the Chicago Tribune. The confrontation lasted close to two hours, and left several protesters bloodied,... More »

FBI: Anarchists Tried to Trigger Fake Bombs

Five men arrested for bridge plot were once associated with Occupy Cleveland

(Newser) - The five men charged with plotting to blow up an Ohio bridge actually did attempt to detonate what they believed were real explosives, the FBI alleges. The men, unknowingly working with an FBI informant, repeatedly tried to use a text-message detonation code to blow up the fake bombs, which they... More »

Feds: 5 Anarchists Plotted to Bomb Ohio Bridge

FBI had an undercover agent watching them

(Newser) - The FBI's Joint Terrorism Task Force arrested five men yesterday for their role in an alleged plot to blow up a bridge near Cleveland, officials revealed today. This isn't a case of international terrorism; at least three of the men are home-grown, self-proclaimed "anarchists," officials said,... More »

Anarchists Targeting Royal Wedding

British police on alert after latest violence in London

(Newser) - Anarchists in Great Britain—who wreaked havoc in protests in London on Saturday—will likely next target the April wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton, say Scotland Yard officials. "That has been on my radar for a long time," says a police official in charge of security.... More »

Package Bomb Found at Greek Embassy in Rome

Could be tied to last week's embassy bombings

(Newser) - On the heels of last week's blasts at the Chilean and Swiss embassies in Rome, another package bomb was found today at the Greek Embassy. A spokesman tells the AP heightened security had already been put in place and no one was injured; two people were injured in the previous... More »

Greece Finds Bomb on Way to Berlusconi, Halts All Mail

Cargo plane bearing package makes emergency landing in Bologna

(Newser) - Greece has suspended air mail and freight for 48 hours to ensure that no more exploding packages find their way to European leaders. More than 10 suspicious packages have been intercepted in recent days, including a parcel bomb sent to the office of German Chancellor Angela Merkel and a suspect... More »

Protests? Pittsburgh Just Glad for Respect

Natives took the today's version of anarchy in characteristic stride

(Newser) - Native Pittsburghers definitely saw a motley crew of protesters invade for the G-20 summit this week, and were generally pretty unfazed. “It’s cool. People need to speak their mind,” one local told Bari Weiss, writing for the Wall Street Journal. “They didn’t bother anyone.”... More »

G20 Protest Proves More Lark Than Bite

Some London violence, but festive, 'street party' atmosphere prevails

(Newser) - Several broken windows aside, the G20 protests are shaping up to be more street party than angry mob, Time reports. Unlike traditional, oft-violent British protests, this one is intended to be “a peaceful and fun street party,” organizers say. Indeed, while some anarchists chucked beer cans at cops,... More »

Massive Security Steels for G20 Protests

London's financial district braces for worst

(Newser) - London's financial district is on lockdown ahead of a day of protests by activists and opponents of the G20, reports the Financial Times. The government will deploy up to 5,000 officers in the largest police operation in British history, and banks such as UBS have also hired private security... More »

Cops Egg On Greek Rioters as Strike Fizzles

Meanwhile, few attend economic protest

(Newser) - Athens police said yesterday that they were pursuing a de-escalation strategy, but the scene that unfolded outside Athens Polytechnic last night didn’t look like de-escalation. As black-clad rioters shouted slogans from behind the university’s fence, police on the other side threw rocks at them, yelling “Come on... More »

Officials Vow Crackdown as Rioters Trash Athens

Third night of violence across Greece as nation braces for shot teen's funeral

(Newser) - Greek officials vowed to crack down on rioters battling police and tearing up Athens and other major cities in the worst street violence in three decades, the Guardian reports. The rioting was sparked Saturday after police shot to death a teenage boy, and intensified violence is expected today as the... More »

30 Injured as Greek Riots Rage On

Police see no sign of protests' end

(Newser) - More than 30 people have been injured and streets ripped apart as thousands of protesters torched buildings, smashed windows and battled Greek police in a second day of pitched rioting in downtown Athens and other cities, the Guardian reports. "I've never seen anything like this," said a store... More »

Athens Erupts in Riots After Cops Kill Teen

Worst violence in years spreads to other cities

(Newser) - Riots erupted in Athens and several other Greek cities late last night after police shot dead a teenage boy, reports the BBC. Young rioters, many of them anarchists, battled police, firebombed buildings and cars, and smashed shop windows in Athens, Thessaloniki, Komotini, Ioannina, and Crete. It was the worst street... More »

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