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Cop's Partner: I Told Him Not to Play With Guns. Then, a Shot

Authorities: Nathaniel Hendren 'mishandled' gun while playing Russian roulette; cop Katlyn Alix died

(Newser) - A St. Louis police officer is dead, and authorities say her death came at the hands of one of her colleagues while they were playing Russian roulette. USA Today reports that 24-year-old officer Katlyn Alix was shot and killed while off-duty early Thursday in the apartment of fellow officer Nathaniel... More »

Teens Call It Death by Russian Roulette. Cops Call It Murder

17-year-old Matthew Minkler is now dead

(Newser) - Police in Nevada say two teenage suspects are claiming their friend died in a game of "modified Russian roulette." Relatives of 17-year-old Matthew Minkler say the teens weren't playing Russian roulette—and they were only pretending to be his friends. Minkler's body was found Friday in... More »

Teen's Game of Russian Roulette Turns Deadly

Rashaun D. McCrae died from single gunshot to head

(Newser) - An 18-year-old died Monday night in Ohio after suffering a gunshot wound to the head. Now, Whitehall police have determined that Rashaun D. McCrae was killed after suggesting a game of Russian roulette—and pulling the trigger. Police spent the week making sure witness stories synced up, the Columbus Dispatch ... More »

Russian Roulette Kills Colorado Man

Death being treated as accident

(Newser) - The last words uttered by a 21-year-old Colorado man were: "Let's play Russian roulette." The man, who had been drinking beer with three friends, then put a handgun to his head and pulled the trigger, killing himself. Police believe he didn't know the gun was loaded... More »

Wedding Guest Wounded in Russian Roulette

Stunt goes horribly wrong at party

(Newser) - A light-hearted game of Russian roulette at a wedding party landed a pal of the groom in the hospital when he shot himself in the head with a gun believed to be unloaded. A home video of the Russian party shows a guest pulling a gun from his waistband, holding... More »

Maine Man on Trial in Russian Roulette Death

Man slain in gay threesome in organic farmer's sex dungeon

(Newser) - An organic farmer is on trial for manslaughter after killing a man in a game of Russian roulette during a gay threesome in the sex dungeon of the victim's Maine home. Bespectacled Ivy League grad Bruce Lavallee-Davidson says he thought the gun wasn't loaded when he pulled the trigger against... More »

Ruffalo Bro Was Killed: Coroner

Death ruled a homicide, not a suicide, as initial suspect claimed

(Newser) - Actor Mark Ruffalo’s brother Scott was the victim of a homicide, the LA County coroner said yesterday, quashing the notion that the 39-year-old shot himself in the head, E! Online reports. The initial suspect in the case, Shaha Mishaal Adham, alleged that Ruffalo was playing Russian roulette. She was... More »

Ruffalo 'Played Russian Roulette'

Ruffalo often 'played' with firearms on drugs, says suspect's attorney

(Newser) - A Saudi billionaire's daughter, accused of killing actor Mark Ruffalo's younger brother, has told police he shot himself in the head during a drug-fueled game of Russian roulette, reports the New York Daily News. Shaha Adham, 26, surrendered to Beverly Hills police Monday, the day Scott Ruffalo was taken off... More »

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