Frank Murkowski

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Palin's Takedown of Murkowskis Is Complete

Murkowski-Palin feud goes back many years

(Newser) - Back in 2002, a certain mayor of Wasilla interviewed with Alaskan Gov. Frank Murkowski to fill the Senate seat he had vacated to run for governor. His ultimate pick? Daughter Lisa Murkowski, not Sarah Palin. Four years later, Palin walloped the elder Murkowski by a 30-point margin in the gubernatorial... More »

'White Powder' Package Sent to Palin

Eighth package sent to governors

(Newser) - A package containing a suspicious white powder originating in Texas was intercepted yesterday en route to Gov. Sarah Palin's office, AP reports. Seven similar packages have been sent this week to other governors. They all contained harmless powder, but results of tests on the Alaska letter are pending. More »

2 Stories