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'It Is a Night of Colossal Victory'

Election victory would make Netanyahu Israel's longest-serving PM

(Newser) - Likud Party leader Benjamin Netanyahu looks headed for victory after Israel's election Tuesday night, in a tight race that initially pointed to a dead heat. Both Netanyahu and Blue and White party leader Benny Gantz declared victory, but Netanyahu is seen as the leader more likely to succeed: the... More »

A Guide to Netanyahu's Stunning Turnaround

Israel election results defy exit polls

(Newser) - Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's ruling Likud Party scored a resounding victory in the country's election, final results showed today, a stunning turnaround after a tight race that had put his lengthy rule in jeopardy.
  • The numbers: With nearly all the votes counted, Likud appeared to have earned
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Netanyahu Declares Victory, but Race Is Neck and Neck

Exit polls show his party and Isaac Herzog's deadlocked

(Newser) - Voting is over in Israel, and exit polls show that the parties of Benjamin Netanyahu and the man who hopes to oust him as prime minister, Isaac Herzog, are deadlocked. But that didn't stop Netanyahu from posting this celebratory message on Facebook, reports the Jerusalem Post : "Against all... More »

5 Things to Know About Israel's Election

Netanyahu's party slightly behind: recent opinion polls

(Newser) - People are heading to the polls in Israel today to elect a 120-member parliament, with seats assigned based on a party's percentage of the national vote. The polls are expected to close at 10pm local time (4pm Eastern). Until then, here's what you need to know:
  • On forming
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Netanyahu Scrambles as Election Tie Rocks Israel

Center-left Yesh Atid party pulls off a shocker

(Newser) - Contrary to predictions , Israel's parliamentary election appears to have ended in what the AP calls a "stunning deadlock," with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's right-wing coalition and the center-left bloc tied at 60 seats apiece with nearly all the votes in. Netanyahu is now scrambling to... More »

Labor Party Set to Join Far-Right Israeli Gov't

Barak signs deal with Netanyahu, but party members may rebel

(Newser) - Benjamin Netanyahu, the Israeli prime minister-designate, has reached a deal with Ehud Barak that would see Barak's center-left Labor Party join an otherwise hard-right coalition, reports Haaretz. Barak, a former PM, is expected to retain his current post of defense minister in the new government. But Labor is divided over... More »

Leftist Party Could Join Israel Government

Netanyahu gets more time as Labor debates joining coalition

(Newser) - Benjamin Netanyahu, the prime minister-designate of Israel, has been given an extra two weeks to form a government after a breakthrough in talks with Ehud Barak, the leader of the Labor Party and the country's outgoing defense minister. While Netanyahu has been ready to complete his right-wing cabinet this week,... More »

Livni Rejects Netanyahu Coalition Offer

Move means ultra-right parties will make up next government

(Newser) - Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel's prime minister-designate, failed to persuade rival Tzipi Livni to join him in a broad coalition government, Haaretz reports. At a meeting today, Netanyahu made substantial concessions to the current foreign minister, including key ministerial posts for her party, Kadima. But Netanyahu's refusal to endorse a two-state solution... More »

Netanyahu Will Be Israel's PM

Likud leader secures support of ultranationalist Lieberman

(Newser) - Benjamin Netanyahu is now all but certain to become Israel's prime minister after winning the backing of Avigdor Lieberman, whose far-right Yisrael Beiteinu party came in third in last week's election. Centrist Tzipi Livni edged out hawkish Netanyahu in the Feb. 10 poll, but Netanyahu has garnered the endorsement of... More »

Livni Running Out of Options, and Time

Seems unlikely vote winner will become Israel's next PM

(Newser) - Though her party nabbed first place in Tuesday's Israeli election, Tzipi Livni seems to have shelved her long-shot effort to become the country's next prime minister. The question that remains, writes the Los Angeles Times, is whether she will join forces with Benjamin Netanyahu or go into opposition. "Livni,... More »

Israeli Rivals Move Toward Consensus

Livni will join a Netanyahu-led government, parties say

(Newser) - While Israel's two possible leaders continued negotiations with smaller parties, a consensus has grown that Likud and Kadima will join forces in a national unity government. According to senior sources in both parties, Benjamin Netanyahu will serve as prime minister, while Tzipi Livni will remain foreign minister. Haaretz also suggests... More »

Israeli Pols Scramble for Tiebreaker Coalitions

After near-tie, Livni, Netanyahu scramble to form coalitions

(Newser) - Israel's two would-be prime ministers began meeting with possible coalition partners today as the country prepared for weeks of squabbling to resolve last night's inconclusive election, Haaretz reports. With 99% of the votes counted, Tzipi Livni's centrist Kadima has won 28 seats in the 120-member parliament, while Benjamin Netanyahu's hawkish... More »

Livni's Party Wins, but Netanyahu May Be Next PM

(Newser) - This much is clear: Exit polls show that Tzipi Livni's Kadima Party has narrowly defeated Benjamin Netanyahu's Likud Party, the Jerusalem Post reports. So who will be the next prime minister? Not so clear. In fact, both candidates are claiming the mantle. Israel's election rules say the party with the... More »

Why the Israeli Election Doesn't Matter

Only Obama, not today's winner, can save country: Rachman

(Newser) - Whoever prevails in Israel's surprisingly tight election today, one thing is sure, writes Gideon Rachman: The country is moving to the right. That means that Benjamin Netanyahu or Tzipi Livni will lead a coalition that will "opt for the status quo" of occupying the West Bank, expanding settlements, and... More »

'Demagogue' Makes Waves in Israeli Race

Wants oath of loyalty to Jewish state from Israeli Arabs

(Newser) - A Russian immigrant dead set on loyalty to a Jewish state is gaining ground in Israel's parliamentary elections, the New York Times reports. While he won’t likely be the next prime minister, Avigdor Lieberman is “the story of this election,” says a local journalist. Focusing on Israeli... More »

Israeli Election Goes to the Wire

Netanyahu falls back ahead of vote on Tuesday

(Newser) - With four days to go before the Israeli election, Tzipi Livni has pulled within striking distance of Benjamin Netanyahu, whose hawkish Likud Party has led throughout the race. In the last polls before a media blackout, Likud is forecast to win 25-27 seats, while Livni's centrist Kadima would win 22-23.... More »

Israel Turns Right—and Away From America

Two weeks before election, Netanyahu poised for victory

(Newser) - Polls indicate the next prime minister of Israel will be Benjamin Netanyahu, an election result that will push the country even further to the right and away from a two-state solution. The Likud leader presents a paradox, Damien McElroy writes in the Telegraph: although Netanyahu is the most "American-style"... More »

Rival Israeli Pols Gain From Gaza Attack

Offensive could make or break the election for leaders who planned it

(Newser) - An uneasy triumvirate of Israeli politicians united to plan the offensive against Gaza, the Washington Post reports. Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni and Defense Minister Ehud Barak, who will compete to become prime minister in February's election, both want to convince the electorate they can successfully defend Israel. For outgoing PM... More »

Opposition in Israel Makes Hard Right Turn

Likud party, forecast to win election, chooses hawkish candidates

(Newser) - Benjamin Netanyahu, whose Likud Party is leading polls ahead of February’s Israeli election, promises to continue peace talks if elected—but after primaries this week, the former PM will be heading a ticket including extreme right-wingers who have advocated withdrawal from the United Nations, or cutting off water and... More »

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