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It's So Hot in Baltimore That Schools Are Closing

Dozens of them

(Newser) - Dozens of Baltimore County schools that don't have air conditioning are closed Friday because of the heat, the AP reports. The temporary closures of 37 schools are because of a measure approved by the county's board of education earlier this month that says non-air-conditioned public schools must close... More »

Deep South Braces for 'Paralyzing' Winter Storm

Schools closed; hundreds of flights canceled

(Newser) - The next big winter storm is reportedly on its way, and this time, it's the Deep South that will be feeling its effects. The Weather Channel sees 40 million people in the path of Winter Storm Leon, which an expert says could bring once-in-a-generation weather; another calls the storm... More »

Teacher's Body Found in Woods, Student Charged

Danvers, Massachusetts, public school district cancels all classes

(Newser) - The Danvers, Massachusetts, public school district canceled all classes today as police investigate the death of a 24-year-old math teacher—whom they suspect was killed by a 14-year-old student. High school teacher Colleen Ritzer was reported missing at 11:20pm last night, the Boston Globe reports. Police searched the school,... More »

Chicago to Close 53 Elementary Schools

Teachers' union fumes over deficit-fighting move

(Newser) - Chicago yesterday released a long-awaited school closings list, which named the 61 buildings it plans to shutter. The Tribune breaks down the "confusing" math behind the closure announcement, and reports that the plan will spell the end for 53 elementary schools; 13% of elementary and middle schools in the... More »

Schools Close Over Fears of 'Doomsday' Violence

People 'on edge' after Newtown: police officer

(Newser) - With schools on high alert after the Newtown shooting, rumors of a Mayan-predicted "apocalypse" are compounding fears of violence. Three counties in Michigan have been so overwhelmed with addressing the concerns that they've simply decided to close schools two days early for winter break. "We're not... More »

Don't Close for Swine Flu: Feds to Schools

Shutting down is 'last resort' if 'high numbers' of students fall ill

(Newser) - Health officials issued new guidelines today to help schools handle swine flu cases, advising them to close only if "high numbers" of students fall ill, USA Today reports. Closing down should be “a last resort, not a first resort,” US Education Secretary Arne Duncan said. The... More »

Obama: Consider Closing Flu-Case Schools

(Newser) - President Obama said today that US schools with confirmed cases of swine flu should consider closing. "This is obviously a serious situation," Obama said, that "we are closely and continuously monitoring." He said it is the recommendation of public-health officials that authorities at schools with confirmed... More »

Ice Shuts School, Baffles Obama Girls

Chicago natives have played in worse weather, prez says

(Newser) - The ice storm plowing through Washington has many grown-ups wary of stepping outside, but it hasn’t fazed the first daughters, Politico reports. The Midwesterners were unimpressed that their school closed, President Obama said today, noting that Chicago schools never close. “My 7-year-old pointed out that in Chicago you’... More »

Deep Freeze Chills Midwest as Outages Plague Northeast

(Newser) - Brutally cold temperatures are buffeting the Midwest today, and states of emergency remain in effect throughout the Northeast following a devastating ice storm that left more than 400,000 people without power, USA Today reports. Schools were closed in Massachusetts and crews from up and down the Eastern seaboard rushed... More »

Snow Frosts New Orleans

(Newser) - For the first time since Christmas 2004, snow fell today in New Orleans, shuttering schools and causing accidents on the region’s roads, the Times-Picayune reports. The snowfall has mostly tapered off or turned to freezing rain, leaving some damage behind. About 7,000 homes lost power statewide, and numerous... More »

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