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Why You Should Add Spices to High-Fat Meals

Spices can help cut risk of heart disease: study

(Newser) - Planning to eat a high-fat meal? Load it up with garlic and oregano. A new Penn State study finds that heavily spiced meals help to cut triglycerides, which put you at risk for heart disease—and that the effect is seen even in meals using lots of oil or fat.... More »

Save Your Heart: Walk Before the Big Meal

Exercise 12 hours before eating lessens spike in dangerous fats

(Newser) - The best time to walk off a gut-busting Thanksgiving dinner is at least 12 hours before you eat it, researchers say. Studies have found that light exercise, like a half-hour walk, done 12 to 16 hours before a big meal significantly reduces the post-meal spike in a type of fat... More »

Amish Gene May Help Protect Heart

Missing gene could keep triglycerides low

(Newser) - About 5% of Pennsylvania Amish have a rare genetic mutation that makes them less susceptible to cardiovascular disease, Reuters reports. A new study shows that the 5% lack a second copy of a gene that inhibits the breakdown of harmful fats, or triglycerides, in the bloodstream that can harden and... More »

3 Stories