Mohammed Ajmal Kasab

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Mumbai Gunman Recants Confession

Kasab says he was framed, tortured

(Newser) - The only surviving suspect from last year's Mumbai terror attacks has withdrawn his confession, saying police tortured it out of him. Mohammed Kasab—who was photographed carrying an assault rifle at a railway station during the attacks—told an Indian court that he was framed by police who arrested him... More »

Mumbai Gunman Retracts 'Coerced' Confession

Kasab gets new lawyer; trail begins after delays

(Newser) - The sole surviving gunman and top suspect in the Mumbai massacre has retracted his confession, which his new lawyer says was coerced, the BBC reports. Now, the judge must decide whether the confession will count in the case, in which Pakistani Mohammed Ajmal Kasab is accused of killing 166 people... More »

Mumbai Gunman's Lawyer Bounced, Delaying Trial

(Newser) - The trial of the one surviving Pakistani accused in November’s devastating attack in Mumbai started and stopped today when the judge dismissed the defendant's lawyer, the Times of London reports. Azam Amir Kasab’s court-appointed attorney was not permitted to defend him because she had previously discussed representing a... More »

Mumbai Thugs Aimed to Squeeze Press With Hostages

Gunman reveals how plans to force media demands went awry

(Newser) - Mumbai terrorists originally planned to take hostages and use them to make demands of the media, a captured gunmen has revealed. Mohammed Ajmal Kasab and his partner, responsible for a massacre at the train station, intended to take hostages to a rooftop, but couldn't find a suitable building, reports AP.... More »

4 Stories