Abhisit Vejjajiva

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Ex Thai PM Facing Murder Charges

For his role in deadly 2010 crackdown on anti-government protests

(Newser) - Former Thailand PM Abhisit Vejjajiva and his deputy will face murder charges for their roles in the 2010 crackdown against anti-government uprisings that left more than 90 dead and 1,800 injured, reports the AP . Investigators says Abhisit is possibly culpable in the death of a taxi driver because he... More »

UN Orders Thai, Cambodian Troops Out of Temple Area

Court tries to end clashes around the Preah Vihear temple

(Newser) - The UN's highest court created a demilitarized zone around a 1,000-year-old temple today on the disputed border between Cambodia and Thailand, and ordered the armed forces from both countries to withdraw. Both countries claimed they were satisfied with the ruling by the International Court of Justice, meant to... More »

Thai Gov't Rejects Talks With Bangkok Protesters

Demands that Red Shirts disperse before negotiations begin

(Newser) - Red Shirt leaders today accepted an offer for peace talks brokered by the Thailand's Senate, but hopes for an end to the mayhem were quickly shot down by the embattled prime minister, who dismissed the proposal for talks until the protesters have dispersed. Thousands of Red Shirt protesters remain camped... More »

Thai Civil War Fears Grow

Protests spread from Bangkok to provinces

(Newser) - The unrest in Thailand is rapidly spreading from Bangkok to the provinces, raising fears that widespread civil conflict looms. Supporters of anti-government Red Shirt protesters have been blocking roads around the country to prevent reinforcements of police and soldiers reaching the capital, the BBC reports. Protesters in Bangkok caused chaos... More »

Deadly Grenade Attacks Trigger New Thai Chaos

Troops warn protesters time is running out

(Newser) - The stand-off between anti-government Thai demonstrators and counter-demonstrators backed by troops in the heart of Bangkok turned bloody last night as grenade attacks killed 3 people and wounded at least 87. The grenades were launched from close to where Red Shirt anti-government protesters are entrenched, and struck an area where... More »

Thai Protest Leaders Dodge Dragnet

Red-shirt leaders flee hotel as police move in

(Newser) - The leaders of Thailand's anti-government protests made a dramatic getaway from a Bangkok hotel as riot police closed in today. One of the red-shirt protest chiefs slid down a rope from a balcony to escape, while others were rescued by a mob of protesters, Reuters reports. Government leaders have vowed... More »

Pressure Mounts on Thai PM as US Issues Travel Warning

Army boss backs early vote; panel slams Abhisit

(Newser) - Thailand's embattled prime minister's downfall may come not from street protests, but from shady dealings with a cement company. The country's election commission has decided that Abhisit Vejjajiva's ruling Democracy party should face prosecution over an undeclared donation from the company, the Wall Street Journal reports. The move means the... More »

15 Dead as Thai Troops, Red Shirts Clash

Army honcho orders retreat, asks protesters to do same

(Newser) - Thai soldiers and police fought pitched battles with anti-government demonstrators in streets enveloped in tear gas , but troops later retreated and asked protesters to do the same. Fifteen people were killed, including a Japanese journalist, and more than 650 wounded, according to hospital officials. Beleaguered Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva went... More »

Thai Protesters Storm TV Compound

Closed TV station reopened, police and protesters left peacefully

(Newser) - Thai anti-government protesters today stormed a telecom company compound where authorities had shut down their vital TV channel, as soldiers and riot police failed to hold them back with tear gas and water cannons. The "Red Shirt" protesters then negotiated with police to return People Channel to the air,... More »

Thailand Riots Cast Pall on Summit

PM backs out as protesters threaten government

(Newser) - Thailand's prime minister has canceled an appearance at the annual Southeast Asia summit as rioters threaten to topple his government. Abhisit Vejjajiva declared a state of emergency yesterday hours after anti-government protesters stormed the country's parliament in Bangkok. The decree bans spreading information that threatens national security and allows authorities... More »

Thais Hurl Buckets of Blood at PM's House

Red-shirted protesters want fresh polls

(Newser) - A day after donating their blood, they hurled it: Anti-government Thai protesters tossed plastic buckets of blood at the residential compound of Thailand's prime minister today, leaving the walls, roof, and ground stained red. Though riot police initially blocked Abhisit Vejjajiva's walled compound, three dozen red-shirted demonstrators were allowed to... More »

Thais Collect Buckets of Blood—to Hurl in Protest

Red-shirts plan 'blood curse' after election refusal

(Newser) - The streets of Bangkok will run red with blood today if things go as planned for anti-government Thai protesters. Volunteers are lining up to help the movement reach its goal of collecting 1,000 liters of blood, which red-shirted protesters plan to hurl at government offices to curse the country's... More »

Thai Protesters Form New Political Party

'Yellow shirts' will contest next election, look to be major force

(Newser) - The yellow-shirted protest movement that brought down two Thai governments voted to become a formal political party yesterday, adding a new force to the country's already volatile political system. The People's Alliance for Democracy, which draws support from the country's middle class and is opposed to exiled PM Thaksin Shinawatra,... More »

Bangkok Lifts State of Emergency

Anti-government protesters vow to continue struggle

(Newser) - Thailand's prime minister has lifted a state of emergency imposed on Bangkok two weeks ago when violent protests rocked the capital, reports the BBC. Abhisit Vejjajiva said the move was to help reconcile the anti-government red-shirted protesters with their yellow-shirted pro-government rivals. Some protest leaders have been arrested, but others... More »

Thai Protests Break Up

Thaksin supporters end standoff as troops move in

(Newser) - Anti-government protesters have begun to disperse in Bangkok following orders from their leaders, the BBC reports. Thousands of protesters have ended their 3-week siege of the country's seat of government and some protest leaders have surrendered to authorities. After two deaths yesterday, leaders say they urged their followers to leave... More »

Thailand Cancels Summit, Declares Emergency

(Newser) - Anti-government protesters stormed a building where leaders of Asian nations were to meet today, prompting Thailand's government to cancel the summit and declare a state of emergency in the seaside city that was to host it. More than 1,000 protesters smashed through the convention center's glass doors and ran... More »

Thai Protesters Disrupt Asian Summit

Demonstrators want to show world the flaws in their government

(Newser) - Hundreds of demonstrators in the Thai tourist town of Pattaya blocked the entrance to the building hosting an East Asian summit meeting today, giving foreign leaders a firsthand look at the country’s political schism. Economic concerns weighed heavily with the protesters, most supporters of ousted PM Thaksin Shinawatra; one... More »

Protesters Swarm Bangkok

More than 30,000 red-shirts gather for 'D-Day' attempt to oust PM

(Newser) - The political protests in Thailand continued to rage as some 30,000 red-shirted supporters of exiled former prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra thronged the main government offices in Bangkok, where fellow protesters have staged a sit-in for the past two weeks. Thousands more are expected for a “D-Day” push to... More »

Economy Spurs Renewed Thai Protests

20,000 Thaksin supporters march on PM's office

(Newser) - More than 20,000 supporters of Thaksin Shinawatra surrounded the Thai prime minister's office today to demand the resignation of the government and new elections. The latest mass protest in Bangkok began shortly after the government of PM Abhisit Vejjajiva began doling out $55 checks to millions of Thais to... More »

Protests Return to Bangkok

'Red shirt' demonstrators surround PM's office, demand elections

(Newser) - Protests returned to the streets of Bangkok today, Bloomberg reports, as thousands of supporters of the exiled former PM Thaksin Shinawatra demanded fresh elections. The "red shirt" demonstrators assembled outside the new government's offices but vowed not to occupy it, as the yellow-wearing People's Alliance for Democracy did... More »

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