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Top Energy Adviser Leaving White House

Carol Browner departing with goals unmet

(Newser) - Energy czar Carol Browner is on her way out of the Obama administration. White House officials have confirmed that Browner, who is Assistant to the President for Energy and Climate Change, will be leaving within weeks, Politico reports. Her main mission, passage of a comprehensive climate change bill, now appears... More »

Obama Knew Early How Bad It Would Be

Which might explain the administration's 'sense of fatalism' in the Gulf

(Newser) - The White House knew from the start that the blown well would probably continue gushing into August and cause unprecedented environmental damage, reports Richard Wolfe of the Daily Beast . Carol Browner warned the president at one of the earliest briefings that it would be nearly impossible to temporarily cap the... More »

Oil Spill Endangers Obama's Drilling Plans

Growing slick expected to reach land tomorrow

(Newser) - The feds are ramping up efforts to contain the widening oil spill near Louisiana, with Janet Napolitano designating it an event of "national significance." For President Obama, it's also an event of political significance. With oil pouring into the Gulf, the environmental mess is already causing trouble for... More »

Obama Fills West Wing With Powerful Czars

Critics warn of collision between Cabinet, top advisers in key jobs

(Newser) - Stories of agencies working on the same projects and not bothering to coordinate dog every presidential administration, but Barack Obama has an ambitious plan to avoid all that: He’s concentrating power over domestic issues in the hands of White House advisers. “It really is a way of him... More »

Spouses Put Obama's Lobbying Rules to Test

President-elect struggles with ethical promises

(Newser) - The spouses of some of Barack Obama’s top appointees are lobbyists, the New York Times reports, presenting a test to strict ethics policies the Democrat pushed on the campaign trail. Health Secretary-designate Tom Daschle’s wife, Linda, is one of Washington’s top aviation lobbyists, and reported energy-czar pick... More »

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