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Ex-Caddie Unloads on Tiger in Tell-All

Steve Williams: 'It was like I was his slave'

(Newser) - Tiger Woods' former caddie Steve Williams says he was "hung out to dry" by Woods' management when the golfer's infidelities came to light in 2009, and was at times treated as a "slave" on the course. A New Zealand newspaper Sunday published a chapter of Williams' tell-all,... More »

Tiger Woods' Ex-Caddy Hits Golfer With Racial Slur

Steve Williams' remark shocks awards ceremony

(Newser) - Tiger Woods' old caddy shocked the professional golfing world yesterday by calling Woods "that black arsehole," Deadspin reports. Accepting an award for "best celebration" yesterday in Shanghai, Steve Williams was asked why he called Adam Scott's win at the Bridgestone Invitational the greatest victory of Williams'... More »

Tiger's Ex Caddie: 'I've Wasted Last 2 Years'

Steve Williams unhappy his loyalty not returned

(Newser) - Tiger Woods' freshly fired caddie is apparently rather miffed at his sudden sacking by the golf great . After 12 years, 250 tournaments, and 72 wins together, Steve Williams says he was "extremely disappointed" by the surprising turn of events. "I've wasted the last two years of my... More »

Tiger Fires Longtime Caddie

'It's time for a change' after 12 years, Woods says

(Newser) - Tiger Woods parted ways yesterday with Steve Williams, the man who’s been lugging his clubs around for 12 years. “I want to express my deepest gratitude to Stevie for all his help, but I think it's time for a change,” Woods said in a statement. He... More »

Caddy Shocked by Woods' Affairs

Steve Williams says he had no idea about Tiger's 'indiscretions'

(Newser) - Tiger Woods not only managed to hide his multiple affairs from his wife, he kept his caddy in the dark as well, Steve Williams says. Williams, Woods' caddy and close friend for over a decade, told a TV station in his native New Zealand that he knew nothing of the... More »

As Dad Died, Tiger Shacked Up With Galpal

Earl Woods lost battle with cancer while son stepped out on Elin

(Newser) - Tiger Woods was not at his father's bedside the night Earl Woods succumbed to cancer because he was in bed with a lingerie model. Jamie Jungers tells the UK tabloid News of the World she was with Woods in May 2006—at the home he shared with his wife—when... More »

Woods Upset at Caddie for Ripping Mickelson

Pal Williams has been 'dealt with' over calling rival 'prick,' fat joke

(Newser) - Tiger Woods is “disappointed” in longtime caddie Steve Williams for making derogatory comments about rival Phil Mickelson, the Times reports. “It was inappropriate. The matter has been discussed and dealt with,” Woods said in a statement. Williams told a large crowd in his native New Zealand that,... More »

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