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Yahoo's Stab at Original Shows Bombed

Company announces $42M lost on 3 shows, including 'Community'

(Newser) - Yahoo's foray into original content has been a costly one. In a Q3 earnings call on Tuesday, CFO Ken Goldman said the company had taken $42 million in write-downs in its video division in creating three shows: sports comedy Sin City Saints, Other Space, and Community, which it picked... More »

Google TV Spooks Hollywood

Entertainment execs fear Google plan could upend industry

(Newser) - Google wants to bring the Internet to your TV set, but many in Hollywood want Google to stay off their turf. Companies fear that the search king's Google TV project —which will allow users to search for and watch online videos via their TV sets—will encourage viewers to... More »

Rivals No More, Facebook and MySpace Talk Content

MySpace can provide it, and Facebook is the platform

(Newser) - High-ranking executives at both Facebook and MySpace confirm that the companies are in talks over some sort of content partnership—a development that isn’t a big surprise to at least one observer. Formerly intense competitors in the social-networking sphere, Caroline McCarthy writes, now “Facebook’s the one providing... More »

Disney Channel Coming to Russian TV

Mickey and pals get first Western foothold in massive market

(Newser) - Disney has become the first Western company to crack the potentially lucrative Russian TV market, the Wall Street Journal reports. The company and a Russian broadcaster are finalizing plans to introduce Disney programming on 30 stations nationwide. Disney will have a 49% ownership stake in the deal with Russia's Media-One... More »

4 Stories